September 29, 2014

It is school holidays here and my lovely friend Michelle dropped over last week with a big box of fun craft to keep the kids occupied for the morning.  Michelle is a whizz with craft which goes without saying as she owns a super cool business called Little Crate – a fabulous box filled with craft fun that arrives on your doorstep each month!

Our crafting activity for the morning was all about being in the garden.  
Follow along with these simple instructions for a great craft activity to do with the kids this week.  

Alternatively jump on the Little Crate website and order one of their crates and it will arrive on your doorstep ready to go within a few days.   School holiday boredom solved!

Here is what you will need for today’s project
Mini paper cups
Paint brush
Jiffy Soil Pellet

sweet style-0089_w

To start use the toothpick to peirce three small holes in the bottom of the cup so that the water can drain

sweet style-8362_wcrop

Now it is time to paint – grab those paint brushes and have fun with lots of colours and patterns.

sweet style-8366_w

Allow your works of art to dry in the sun for a little while before moving to the planting stage


Next place the soil in the bottom of the cup and add some water – the soil we have used is a jiffy pellet but any soil will do


The seeds go in the pot next – we have used a Lemon Balm Seed

Now you need to leave your pot in a protected spot with plenty of light and and over the next few weeks watch your seed turn into a lovely plant.

Visit the Little Crate Website for more fun craft ideas

September 14, 2014

I am joined today by Fiona from Craft Hunter who has a wonderful blog filled with fantastic DIY tutorials, tips and idea.

Fiona is sharing with us her Confetti Gift Wrap Tutorial today – here is what she has to say about this fun DIY Gift wrap.confetti-leaf6-1-of-1

I wanted to make something bright and happy to decorate a special present, and with a bit of sticky tape and hole punched scrap paper, I got just that. In true Fiona style this project is super easy and literally takes less than 5 minutes – so there’s no excuse to give a boring gift. Actual confetti would of course work splendidly too, or a fun collection of cut up shapes… or chunky glitter!confetti-leaf8-1-of-1

To make some confetti leaves yourself:

Lay out a few pieces of sticky tape, sticky side up.
Make them slightly overlap eachother so you create a bit of a sheet
Sprinkle on your confetti goodness (mine are just from a standard hole punch)
Layer more tape on top, sticky side down
Cut your leaf shape and you’re done.

Simple and very cute indeed!


You can visit the Craft Hunter blog here or find Fiona on Facebook

August 26, 2014

With Fathers Day less than 2 weeks away I have some fun and simple ideas today to help with your Fathers Day Celebration on Sunday 7th September.

These very cute little Mini Pails can be found as part of the Styling Essentials Kits by Celebrations and Occasions, who put together gorgeous boxes of carefully curated party supplies and styling essentials for your special events!  

I had a go at creating three different ideas using these pails.  Use them as a sweet gift for dad or something to serve dessert in!  There are really so many uses for this great piece.

Find them here as part of the Rustic Food Station Kit where you can see all the great items included in the kit (the forks and blackboard signs are part of the kit also).


A lovely little mini cactus from your local plan shop looks great in these pots – write your guests name on the blackboard and this can be used as a favour or a table setting.sweet style-6679_w


Whose Dad doesn’t love donuts and when they come in the form of this cute cookie they are even better!
These fabulous cookies were made by Nicci from Frosted by Nicci and are great as a favour or to eat after your meal!

sweet style-6681_w


Dessert is always on the menu so why not use these pails to serve it in!  Stamp your cutlery with your favourite words and you have the perfectly styled dessert.
I have made a no bake cheesecake to go in my pot but ice cream or mousse would work perfectly as well!

sweet style-6697_wPots, Blackboard signs, Wooden Cutlery, Hessian runner :: Celebrations & Occasions
Photography :: Leanne Ambrogio | Sweet Style