January 23, 2014

Hello and Welcome Back – I know this party started a few weeks ago but I have one word to explain my absence … summer!

So 2014 is off and running and I have been making the most of the past few weeks summer break to kick back with the kids, relax, read loads of books, dream a little. take photos, enjoy the sunshine and warm days. I am feeling very relaxed.  For years I have wanted to just switch off for the month of January so I have done just that – I had that pang of guilt a few weeks ago when everyone started to reappear online and back to work but those other lovely online friends convinced me to ignore it and take the time out!

So these lovely few weeks of non blogging have also given me more time to think, plan, dream and start to come up with a formula for 2014 – the direction for Sweet Style, the online store, the blog and importantly me.

Honestly I am not sure if I am 100% there yet – it seems to be a constant work in progress and I am getting closer to sorting it in my mind but there seems to be lots I still want to do, things I dream to do, plenty of things I desire to do but I also need to be realistic about what I can do!

One thing is for sure a lot of what I do this year will involve me and a camera! I am excited by the photography work I am involved in over the next few months and I am also planning a few shoots just for the blog.  I am now taking bookings for parties, styled shoots, food shoots and working on collaborations with some fabulous Aussie bakers and stylists.  I also have committed myself to doing two personal projects – a 52 weeks challenge involving the girls – one shot a week of the girls together, plus a 1 second everyday project which you can find out about here.  The first 3 weeks of shots from my 52 Project are below!

You will notice some definite changes in the online store – I have decided to streamline a lot more so while the store will be there for a little while longer I am focusing on cake stands and bowls for the time being.  This means the product lines will be greatly reduced but I will still stock the beautiful milk glass cake stands plus a few other gorgeous lines that I particularly love myself – there are some great bargains to be had at the moment with the remaining paper products so do drop in for a look as you may pick up the perfect item for your next party. (Click here to visit the shop)

I am also working on a blog makeover and look forward to showing more of the direction for the blog in the coming weeks!

I hope the start to 2014 has been exciting for everyone and as always I love to hear from anyone who drops by – I really enjoy hearing what you do like to see on my blog so I can make sure I keep it coming!

Here are those shots of the girls from my first 3 weeks of the project – it will be interesting to see how I keep them motivated for the entire year!




Images: Leanne Ambrogio for Sweet Style