April 20, 2011

It was time for a new notice board in my office so this gave me a great opportunity to get crafty after spotting this great idea at our bloggers catch up a few weeks ago.
First of all I started with this white Ikea frame I had sitting around looking very lonely.  I also had some great sheets of patterned paper that I had picked up at my local art store – you know the type of paper you see in one of those cute bins near the counter – you like the colour and the pattern but don’t want to use it to wrap a present with because then you wouldn’t have the paper any more! This one was perfect for the project at hand!
I took out the mount and covered it with my pretty paper.  Looks cute so far!
Next I found my latest obsession – tape! 
Pretty coloured paper tape!
I found these ones in Typo.
 Now to make it in to a notice board – somewhere I could stick a reminder – a saying that I liked – a picture I fancied, but not one that I stuck a pin in – one that I used tape on.
Perfect.  Job done.
And finally a great place for Jordan’s print (get yours here)
I think I will be spending my easter weekend finding pretty things to stick on it!


April 19, 2011

I made some yummy light fluffy vanilla meringues today.
Here is how I made them …
4 egg whites
1 cup caster sugar
1 vanilla bean
Beat the egg whites on high speed in an electric mixer until they are frothy
Add the caster sugar and continue to beat on high until stiff peaks form
Add the seeds from the centre of the vanilla bean
On a lined baking tray place evenly spaced out dollops of meringue mixture 
Bake in a fan forced oven on 90 deg C for an hour 
Allow to cool in the oven with the door ajar
Serve on a platter with some pretty patterned paper underneath.


April 18, 2011

Happy Monday everyone
Have you been to visit Moonlight and Whimsy – Erica has asked me to list all of my favourite things so today you will find me over there where I have put together a collage of all my favourite items that go into making a great dessert or candy table.
Stop by and visit their online store where you will find lots of great buys for your next event.

{Images:  Sweet Style}

April 15, 2011

Hello Everyone – I hope you have had a great week.  School holidays here and I have been hit with a nasty flu for most of the week – not great timing!  
On a bright note however the Autumn weather we are having this week here in Sydney is nothing short of spectacular.  Being my birthday month it also means my local florist sent me some great birthday vouchers so I headed in for a pick me up – flowers in the house always brighten me up.  
The crystal clear skies also meant we could see the ships on their way out of Sydney Harbour from our bedroom balcony – such a gorgeous city to live in.
Exciting news also on the Circle of Moms Top 25 Party Plannin Moms front – I made it in to top 25 which I am thrilled with – thank you to everyone who voted for me – your support was amazing.  The final 25 will be featured on a new mom resource The Roundup and all the blogs will be showcased here over the coming weeks.
I am still taking orders for stamps (if you would like to know more about the stamps check here) – if you get your order in this weekend they will be out to you next week.
Have a lovely weekend everyone and I will see you all next week.