April 20, 2011

It was time for a new notice board in my office so this gave me a great opportunity to get crafty after spotting this great idea at our bloggers catch up a few weeks ago.
First of all I started with this white Ikea frame I had sitting around looking very lonely.  I also had some great sheets of patterned paper that I had picked up at my local art store – you know the type of paper you see in one of those cute bins near the counter – you like the colour and the pattern but don’t want to use it to wrap a present with because then you wouldn’t have the paper any more! This one was perfect for the project at hand!
I took out the mount and covered it with my pretty paper.  Looks cute so far!
Next I found my latest obsession – tape! 
Pretty coloured paper tape!
I found these ones in Typo.
 Now to make it in to a notice board – somewhere I could stick a reminder – a saying that I liked – a picture I fancied, but not one that I stuck a pin in – one that I used tape on.
Perfect.  Job done.
And finally a great place for Jordan’s print (get yours here)
I think I will be spending my easter weekend finding pretty things to stick on it!


6 thoughts on “Getting Crafty – Pretty Paper and Japanese Tape

  1. Ah, Leanne. I am obsessed with washi tape – I can’t get enough of it! Have a wander around Etsy – there are some fabulous deals going on there ☺. J x

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