April 27, 2010

Lovely little Indi was 10 months old yesterday. She is still such a delight (I say still as I know what happens at 2). I am going to boost now and say she is the most amazing sleeper (please don’t let this jinx me) and she is always so happy even when I drag her out of bed in the afternoon to go and pick up her big sisters.

She is a great commando crawler but still not so great at sitting – I think she may one day be into yoga as she does an amazing downward dog pose and thinks she is very clever when she looks at you upside down through her legs – so cute!!

4 thoughts on “10 Months

  1. Hi Leanne – she is just dreamy. Those eyes…

    I am sure second and third born are better sleepers; they have to just fit in. I have heard aswell that third children are very chilled out as again, they go with the flow. I am sure you won’t be jinxed – some babies do just sleep! One of mine did…Enjoy it!

  2. She is just gorgeous Leanne! Our third is a dream baby too, I am sure it is just because she has to fit in with the busy lifestyle. It will be not time and you will be organising her first birthday 🙂

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