April 22, 2013

Today we are meeting Alison from Wild Rose Sweets & Styling who is based in Newcastle, NSW

Here is what Alison had to say when I asked her about her passion and love for being in the Cake business:-

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t bake!  My Grandmother and Mum are both amazing in the kitchen so it was just a natural part of life for me. Over the years I have seen so many gorgeous cakes but they were always fondant and, call me crazy, but I don’t actually like eating fondant.  It wasn’t until I took a Buttercream class with the lovely Vanessa at Sugar Rush/Cake Style TV that I realised how many amazing finishes you could achieve with buttercream that are both beautiful and delicious!  From there I widened my repertoire to include macarons, cake pops, cookies and various other petite sweets.  I love the variety in what I do – no two weeks are the same!

I started this amazing journey only 22 months ago, originally trading under the name ‘Cupcake Couture’ as cupcakes were my focus.  As I became busier and word-of-mouth spread  I realised that if this was going to be a successful business I needed to treat it like one.  I changed the name of the business to ‘Wild Rose Sweets & Styling’ to differentiate myself and to better reflect the variety of sweets and the styling services that I now offered.  It’s been an amazing adventure and I have made some wonderful friends in both the Cake and Table Styling community.

As far as the most popular flavour of cake goes, Alison says it is probably a toss up between Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate & Raspberry.  For cupcakes though it’s a different story – while I offer a large variety of gourmet flavours the most popular one is Vanilla.  I think it’s because it is just a universal favourite.  For macarons it’s either the Salted Caramel or Strawberries & Cream.  I can’t decide which I love the most – they are all delicious!

To see more of Allison’s work please vist her facebook page here

2 thoughts on “Monday Favourite :: Wild Rose Sweets & Styling

  1. WOW! Those cake are gorgeous! Almost to pretty to cut into. Except they also look delicious, so I probably wouldn’t hesitate too long 🙂 Alison is so talented!

  2. Lovely feature. Our student, and now our friend.. We love Allison and her talents are just growing and growing. And thank you for the mention of our classes <3

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