7 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Oh, I love it. Back in the day when I was a teacher it used to really annoy me that parents complained about spending the holidays with their own offspring. Now that I am a parent myself I know why. I hope your days improve. xxx Mira

  2. I lOVE that quote..ha! Is that not terribly, undeniably true? Hang in there Mrs. A, you are never alone. I have just one lame bit of encouragement. I always dreamed of the day when the last one left home & I had my freedom. I’ve been dreaming off & on for 30 years next week. On the 24th of this month that dream is realized when #4 gets on the plane to leave for University. Now I wish kids were driving me nuts again. Can’t believe this day has arrived. Just want to cry / :
    xx deb

  3. Ahhh the loooong summer holidays – do’t you just love em!! Great quote. We’ve yet to being our over here – 2 weeks to go. I have 4 weeks of the 6 filled and hope the sun keeps shining so we can be out and about for the other 2. Enjoy !!!

  4. That quote is too funny, Leanne! I think there are a lot of us out there feeling the same way as you, these holidays are always the hardest for us as it is sooooo cold and miserable weather wise here and I have 2 sick kiddies, so a bit difficult to send them outside. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  5. As a Primary School Teacher….I had to giggle whilst reading this 🙂 Now people understand why teachers get so many holidays…..coz we’re stuck with the kids {25 of them} all day 5 days a week….we’d be filling the asylums if we had no holidays LOL!!! But I love my job….but are very thankful for the holidays 🙂 I guess being a Mummy though….I’m not really on holidays….my 2yr old is keeping more than busy haaa! xo.

  6. 🙂 I empathise.. The combination schoolies and rain is never great..

    Though I miss my kids like crazy when they are at school and daycare.. the irony of it all..

    Have a great week!

    x Charlotta

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