March 10, 2017

Vancouver is famous for it’s rain, which surprisingly (and gratefully) we have not had a lot of since our arrival here in December.  The day the walking group decided to visit Whyte Lake however was not one of those days!  We were in the forrest though so we did not get as wet as you would when out in the open.  

Whyte Lake is in West Vancouver and I was pretty excited to hear there was such a place as my maiden name is Whyte!  I wonder if some distant relative is connected to this place.  The day we visited the lake was half frozen and very mysterious looking – a bit like a movie scene and very different to the description and photos you can find here.  Even half the walk ways at the lake were covered in water so it will be great to head back during summer to see how different it looks.

The rainy weather also meant that I didn’t want to take my “good” camera with me  so these few shots that give you a brief look at a very misty and cold Whyte Lake are taken with my iPhone camera.  

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