June 25, 2014

I know the heading of this blog post sounds great but in truth – this is my goal! A goal I don’t feel I have attained yet but something I continue to aspire to.

After a great suggestions by one of my fellow blogging friends, jaclyn from the Blog Society a few weeks ago, I have started listening to blogcasts!  I am currently time poor (and lets face it who isn’t) so I have been going on a one hour daily walk with my trusty iphone and a podcast ready to go.  It has been truly motivating to have this one hour every day out of the house where not only am I exercising but I am also learning and being inspired.  If you are like me and you are constantly scouring the internet for interesting things to learn, read or inspire you, then you should get on this band wagon!

Currently I am listening to the podcasts on Jess Lively.com – if you are a blogger or creative type then you need to visit her site and start downloading.

My hour out each day has also helped with my creative mind – while listening to these fabulous and interesting talks it helps my mind to come up with new ideas.

The time poor side of life is something I am still dealing with – with all these ideas bubbling in my head trying to get them out is now the challenge!  As most of you know with kids a huge chunk of the day is gone with the feeding them, talking to them, doing homework, driving them to activities, repeating 300 times for them to go and have a shower – you get the drift!  This leaves a few hours in the middle of the day and if things go as planned I catch a few hours after they are in bed (but that is really just catching up on the string of emails and things that happen in those few hours between 3pm-8pm)

Trying to find the balance between family, my health, my home, my business, my blog plus all the extra little things that go into what I do and who I am is a challenge – but I guess what is life without a challenge and as far as challenges go (and having had some rough challenges in the past) this one is not so bad.

So I guess you are wondering the point of today’s blog post – firstly it was to share a great way I have found to find extra inspiration each day and find out what you do to help in the inspiration department.  I also felt the need to put it down in writing as I know so many of you go through this on a daily basis – I would love you to share with me how you deal with getting to the end of the day and feeling a sense of some satisfaction.  A sense that all the areas of life that were important for that given day had their box ticked! 

Images :: Leanne Ambrogio for Sweet Style