March 20, 2014

I am really excited to be working with lots of fabulous people again this year to bring you a series of recipe posts. I am a little obsessed with food and photography – in particular sweet food – so today I am teaming up with my lovely friend Gillian from Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design to to bring you this delicious recipe.

Gillian loves to bake, create and come up with fun recipes whereas I don’t like to bake or cook so much – preferring to get hold of the food and make it look lovely and take pretty pictures! So with that in mind we have teamed up so that we can both do what we love the most.

For our first recipe we have Lemon Meringue Fudge – baked in Brisbane, photographed in Sydney and sent out via the world wide web for everyone to see, make and eat!

We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear what you think after you have had a go at making it!



500g white chocolate
1 x tin condensed milk
1/2 teaspoon lemon extract oil
Yellow gel or powder colouring
1 cup broken meringue pieces


Add lemon extract oil and colouring to condensed milk. Lemon extract oil is available in supermarkets.

Place chocolate and condensed milk in microwave safe container.  Heat on low in 30 second intervals until nearly all the chocolate has melted.  Stir until smooth.  DO NOT overheat.

Stir through meringue pieces and pour in to a lined lamington tin or square 8 inch cake tin.

Refrigerate for 2 hours.  Once set, remove from tin and slice.

This is a rich creamy fudge with a citrus twist.  A very special thank you to Sam of Caketopia for sharing her knowledge of fudge success with me.  Don’t be tempted to heat in bursts of over 20-30 seconds at a time or you’ll end up with a mixture that splits and fit for the bin – don’t ask how I know!!

Recipe :: Gillan Brown | Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design
Photography & Styling :: Leanne Ambrogio | Sweet Style