March 11, 2012

As has been for the past 9 years, the 11th of March is such an important day for my family.  Every year the day approaches with anticipation.  Thankfully no longer the anxiety that the first years held but still a day where our thoughts and plans for the day revolve around remembering someone we have lost but someone who had such a profound affect on our life.  Not too many people share their birthday with the day they die, so the day comes with such mixed emotions as we remember the short but precious life of our sweet baby girl Laura
In that first year all I longed to hear was her name – while most other people went out of their way to avoid saying her name for fear of upsetting me all I wanted was just the opposite.  I am so grateful to be able to say that 9 years on her name is mentioned constantly in our house thanks to her her sisters.  The sisters that never really knew her, but who talk about her like she is by their side.  Sienna in particular amazes me the way she includes Laura in everything – she is in the pictures she draws and effortlessly in conversation.  She regularly reminds me that if Laura was still here she wouldn’t be the one getting in trouble – it would be Laura as she is the eldest!  She talks about where her bed would be and whose class would she be in at school – it makes me smile.  

I guess now that my life very much revolves around parties, I have been acutely aware this week that if things had have been different 9 years ago we would today most likely have been having a party at our house – again the girls have mentioned it this week “What type of party do you think we would be having for Laura?”.
So today we have been to “Laura’s place” – we shared cupcakes and sent balloons for her to play with in the clouds – and we are grateful for the lessons she has taught our family about adversity, acceptance and love.
We still miss her but we know she fits comfortably in a special place within our family, where she will never be forgotten and a constant reminder of the wonderful blessings that we have since received.
If you would like to read more about Laura’s story click here or to find out about my involvement with the Stillbirth Foundation Australia click on the Stillbirth Foundation category on the side bar.
Special thanks to Jacki from Blissfully Sweet Cakes and Nicole from Pretty and Print who provided me with delicious cupcakes and printables for a mothers day photo shoot this weekend – they also made the perfect addition to our little celebration.


March 6, 2012

A topic of discussion in my house lately has been the size of a cupcake – I love little cute mini sized ones – perfect for afternoon tea and cocktail functions.
So is it small, medium or large for you?  
Here are a few pictures from my pinterest board of my favourites.

If you are looking for more cakes and cupcakes there are plenty more to see on my pinterest board which you can find here

Images: 1. Martha Stewart 2. My Sweet and Saucy 3. Enjoy cupcakes, 4. Accidental Encounters 
5. Unknown 6. My Sweet and Saucy 7. Sweetapolita 8. Somewhere splendid