March 6, 2012

A topic of discussion in my house lately has been the size of a cupcake – I love little cute mini sized ones – perfect for afternoon tea and cocktail functions.
So is it small, medium or large for you?  
Here are a few pictures from my pinterest board of my favourites.

If you are looking for more cakes and cupcakes there are plenty more to see on my pinterest board which you can find here

Images: 1. Martha Stewart 2. My Sweet and Saucy 3. Enjoy cupcakes, 4. Accidental Encounters 
5. Unknown 6. My Sweet and Saucy 7. Sweetapolita 8. Somewhere splendid


6 thoughts on “Cupcakes – what size do you prefer?

  1. I am torn…. I love the little tiny ones for cute appeal and I always know the kids will get through them. The large on the other hand give so much more room for decorating and getting creative on top of but can be a bit much for the kids to eat in one sitting if there are lots of other goodies to be had. So I guess that leaves the medium size to merge the best of both sizes. Now I feel like eating a cupcake Yum!

  2. I love all cupcakes!! But sometimes the teeny tiny ones are so much more fun! Especially when they are covered in beautiful colored sugar or decorated so delicately!

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