July 15, 2009

Now that I am no longer pregnant and restricted to a very special section of my wardrobe I am keen to have a wardrobe update.  I have been scanning the pages of a few favourite mags (a very brief scan mind you as time is very limited).  Here are some lovely items I found while look through my Notebook Magazine

While not all of these are terribly practical for a breastfeeding mum, I do love to dream about what is now possible without a big belly in front – maybe a few more months before I can be this adventurous though!

One thought on “~ Wardrobe Update ~

  1. Sorry if this comment comes out twice, I hit something I shouldn’t I think. Love your wardrobe selections here. I particularly love the photo of the woman running gleefully – degree of difficulty after giving birth: very high, not for amateurs. Hope you’re enjoying your busy days. Meredith xo.

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