December 18, 2009

My big girls final pre-school Christmas concert was wonderful – Sienna is such a performer and was so excited about her concert. We had a slight hicup in the first song when the boy next to her accidently bumped her dingo ears off her head and she couldn’t find them on the ground – I thought she might not recover as the tears welled up – thankfully she moved on to the next song and in true Sienna form made her way to the front of the group and sang and danced the loudest.

She even entertained the crowd with some impromptu break dancing and cartwheels at the end – what a star!

I can’t believe she has finished pre-school and is off to big school next year!

December 14, 2009

I am doing my big for the environment this year and recycling my old Christmas cards.
I pulled out all the cards I have received over the past few years that I have been saving (mainly to remember who sends them to me!!).

I then chopped them in half so that I was just left with the pretty picture on the front.

The back half went in the recycling bin.

And the front half has now been turned into a tag to attach to a present.

I might even stick some of the pretty pictures on some plain card stock and turn them into folded cards. The possibilities are endless and great for the environment.

I love a handbag – my husband believes I am obsessed – it is not shoes for me but bags.
When we recently moved it was boxes of bags we found that I had stored for a few years – I am not a hoarder but for some reason I keep my bags!
I even love nappy bags but at times get a little frustrated that once you put a few nappies, wipes and a change of clothes in there is no room for anything else.
My latest love is this … my melobaby.

It is a small and compact wallet that fits all the essentials – nappies, disposal bags, wipes, change of clothes and it has a built in change mat. I can throw it in to any bag or even take it by itself and I am set! I can choose if I want to take one of my groovy nappy bags or just a normal handbag – how exciting to have choices again.
Check it out here.