December 14, 2009

I love a handbag – my husband believes I am obsessed – it is not shoes for me but bags.
When we recently moved it was boxes of bags we found that I had stored for a few years – I am not a hoarder but for some reason I keep my bags!
I even love nappy bags but at times get a little frustrated that once you put a few nappies, wipes and a change of clothes in there is no room for anything else.
My latest love is this … my melobaby.

It is a small and compact wallet that fits all the essentials – nappies, disposal bags, wipes, change of clothes and it has a built in change mat. I can throw it in to any bag or even take it by itself and I am set! I can choose if I want to take one of my groovy nappy bags or just a normal handbag – how exciting to have choices again.
Check it out here.

One thought on “~ Fab Mummy Find ~

  1. Oh Leanne, I’m worried about you! I can’t believe you actually like nappy bags! I remember the day I could finally leave mine at home & take out a big girl’s handbag, it was a feeling I’ll carry with me always! (Every pun intended!)
    Millie ^_^

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