January 18, 2010

I am back for a new year of blogging and 2010 is going to be a good one I can tell. I really like the sound of 2010 – I am a round number kind of girl.

What better way to kick off 2010 with a post about happiness. The gorgeous Meredith at Count it all Joy has tagged me with a Happiness 101 Award. So to get 2010 underway here is my list of 10 things that make me happy …

My beautiful clan – what more can I say but these 4 people are my favourite people in the world. Yes there are days I would happily lend them out but I love them to bits.

Tidiness and Organisation – I love neatness and tidiness (yes I am one of those annoying neat freak people who loves to have everything away in its place and to be on top of everything that needs to be done). I am naturally a very organised person and I love reading books or little bits of info in magazines or on blogs about organisation – you just never know when someone is going to come up with a better system than the one already in place.

Scrapbooking – to some scrapbooking can be a little bit kitsch – I thankfully found an amazing scrapbooking studio close to me that really does help you turn your photos into works of art. I no longer have just normal photos albums with photos just slotted in but gorgeous albums where my photos look amazing.

Magazines – I love to sit down and flick through an interiors magazine. Unfortunately I don’t have the patience for a book in my day to day life but a quick flick through a glossy mag and I am in heaven.

Dancing – in my former life I was a ballroom dancer. I competed for many many years as my grandmother was a dance teacher. I really felt so happy when I was dancing. Maybe it is time to get out those dance shoes again ….

Summer – I wake up with a smile on my face in summer – it is easier to get out of bed and get on with the day when the beautiful sun is shining and days are warm. A summers day on the sand dunes with the kids is always a treat…

Stationery – I have a thing for stationery – lovely paper, beautiful cards, folders, note pads, just wandering through a stationery shop makes me happy.

My house – just being in my beautiful new home makes me happy

Bali – Bali is one of my most favourite places in the world – I love the relaxed atmosphere, the year long summer, the food, the cocktails at sunset and you can’t beat the fact that you can get a daily massage for $5!!

Exercising – I always feel happy when I am fit. Way back BC (before children) I even used to run marathons and was a fitness instructor … time to get back to it as it really does give you a lot of energy when you are fit.

A condition of this award is that I need to pass it on to 10 more wonderful bloggers … today however I have completely run out of time so I will save my list for later in the week …