May 31, 2010

On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Sunny Mummy Stacey at a Sunny Mummy Breakfast – it was wonderful to catch up with lots of other happy and positive people – it really is what the world should be all about.

Stacey’s blog post today is one that has made me smile – it really is about my life and I love my title of CFO – Chief Family Officer.
I would encourage anyone who is in need of some inspiration and motivation to pop on over and visit Stacey’s blog – she is on a mission to change the world – good on her.
Congratulations Stacey on a successful breakfast (the take home goodies were fantastic and the sweet table was devine – you are a girl after my own heart) – hope that the event has inspired you even more to change the world.
Have a positive and inspiring week everyone.

3 thoughts on “Sunny and Inspired

  1. It was so lovely to meet you Leanne! I agree with everything you said. It was an amazing morning and left me feeling so uplifted… except for the heavy gift bag 🙂


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