May 28, 2010

Finally I have made it to my happy list – thank you Lou from Lou, Boos and Shoes for tagging me and asking me to list all that makes me happy. I guess a happy list can be many things but this particular list is that which has made me happy this week – hope your week has been happy.
1. My beautiful warm and toasty fireplace that is keeping our house so warm!

2. An unexpected photo opportunity – here is Indi and Sofia this morning – happy and smiling (big sister was still in bed and it was 8am!)

3. My lovely new Kate Spade ring that Mr A found for me while on business in the US a few weeks ago – while I am very impressed with my bling I am equally impressed that he remembered hearing me mention the name “Kate Spade” so figured he should take a look!

4. A well co-ordinate party – my heart goes a flutter when everything matches.

5. My refound love of tennis – it has been over 20 years since I was out on the court – surprisingly I remember what to do and it feels so lovely to be out there again having fun each week.

6. Watching Rob Lowe on my TV screen every Monday night on Brothers and Sisters – apart from husband he has the dreamiest eyes in the universe.

7. An orderly closet and a tidy house!

8. The current Australian Home Beautiful which has a wonderful feature of the lovely A-M’s house – and she scored the cover (I am sure most of you already follow A-M’s blog but if you don’t go take a peak – the link is on my blog roll).

9. Receiving a wedding invitation – this week we received a lovely wedding invitation – this friend who I have known for many years tragically lost her husband in an accident many years ago and it is so lovely to see her happy and with a new love – this is the second friend this year who after losing her love through tragedy has gone on to find happiness marrying a new love – happy times finally.

and finally …
10. My lovely blogging friendships who this week have once again kept me smiling and happy – a few secret followers have said hello so hello back and thank you for leaving your comments (yes Mira would love those receipe’s). I am getting around to everyone to say hi.
This weekend I am off to the Sunny Mummy Breakfast so if you are coming along I can’t wait to meet you – if you would like to come along check out Stacey and the Sunny Mummy website here. I am hopping there will be lots of fellow bloggers there.
Last but not least I need to tag someone else to continue the Happiness 101 Award so I am going to tag the most perfect blogging friend for this award and that is Shelly at le happy – along with her positive outlook on life, the name of her blog says it all.
Have a happy happy weekend – look forward to sharing lots of happiness after the Sunny Mummy Breakfast.

5 thoughts on “Happiness is …

  1. Leanne – now seriously are you sure we were not separated at birth and you got taken to the opposite side of the world and I was taken here? This list could have been my list. The picture of the girls is wonderful – they have that wonderfully natural look. Love the bling ring – I am a diamond freak. Tidy house, matching parties? ME ME ME!. OK I am useless at tennis but twins are allowed some individuality aren’t they? So pleased I found your blog when I did, you are like a drop of sunshine. Lou x

  2. What a wonderful post, Leanne. I am so glad I found your blog too. Wish i was joining you at the Sunny Mummy event this weekend. Maybe next time I will be able to make it. Enjoy your weekend, I look forward to hearing and reading all about it. Katena xx

  3. Hi Leanne – I must say I’m really impressed with the efforts of your husband. I’m lucky if mine even remembers the date of our wedding anniversary! Gorgeous ring. Lee 🙂

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