March 3, 2011

I have a little spot in my house that seems to be the place I am constantly changing – most of these changes revolve around events and props.  I use this spot to practice putting dessert tables together.  The table itself is one of my favourite items of furniture in our house.
This week this spot has taken on a red theme after our cocktail party last week.  I moved the painting from our bedroom to the wall behind and have lots of red flowers in the house.

Some of my cake stands, glass domes and little bottles are currently residing on the table.
The beautiful red rose was painted by a very talented friend and looks great no mater where we hang it.

It is wonderful being able to change the theme of this area depending on what is happening in my life.
Do you have an area of your house that changes depending on what is going on in your world?


6 thoughts on “Red

  1. Lovley painting Leanne – the artist has captured the wonderful ‘velvety’ texture of the rose petals perfectly. No changes here unless you count the game of musical beds MOTH & I play according to his levels of atrocious snoring!
    Millie x

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