March 1, 2011

Hi Everyone – sorry for my lack of posts but things got rather hectic last week so while I was busy having lots of catch up’s I now have been left with lots to catch up on!

My week began with the Sydney Reed and GHA Gift Fairs in which not only did I get to look for lots of fabulous things but I also got to catch up with my wonderful blogging friends Katena, Sharnel and Tracey. We had all been trying to catch up for a while so it was wonderful to all sit down and have lunch together and walk the fair.   While Tracey and I have met a few times before it was wonderful to meet Katena and Sharnel in real life after our regular online and phone chats – Katena joked that she needed to phone her husband to assure him that I wasn’t some crazed blogging nutter that was there to abduct her and take her off to my fantasy world!
After a great couple of days with the girls at the fair I had also another catch up during the week with one of my other long time blogging friends, Meredith who writes the blog Count It All Joy.  Again we had been trying to catch up for what seems like months but every time we planned a date something seemed to happen.  Meredith came over for coffee and bought not only the most decedent lemon meringue pie (sorry we ate it so fast that we didn’t take a photo!) but gifts for my kitchen – yes wonderful gadgets including one she blogged about here!  We felt like old friends and were sure our paths have crossed many a time growing up – it really was such a treat to meet her and two of her lovely boys who do have real names and not the alias’ they go by when she writes about them!  
So then it was on to Thursday in which I was hosting Sofia’s kindy class lunch at our house – 16 mums and 2 teachers – thankfully I didn’t have to provide all the food but did put out some yummy desserts seeing as sweets seem to be my thing.
The functions then got bigger as on Friday Mr A and I hosted the Year One Cocktail party in our home – 75 for cocktail style dinner this time.  My friend and fellow class mum Bek put together a fabulous menu to serve to everyone and I put together a bit of a dessert table with loads of tasty treats – it was a big hit and had everyone talking all night.

So there was my week – lots of catching up, yummy food and great friends.
The weekend well that is another story as it involved a fabulous dessert table I put together for my gorgeous friend Natasha’s 4 year old son Tom – I will blog about it later in the week after I have done a bit more catching up on things at home!
So how was your week?


8 thoughts on “Catch Up and a little Dessert Table

  1. Wow you are so brave opening up your home twice for school functions. I’ve thought about organising a get to know you type event at my place for my son’s kindy class, but I wasn’t sure whether to keep it low key during the day, or go all out for a big do on the weekend. I also don’t know how it would be perceived!

  2. Well my week has certainly not been a glam or social as that, still getting into the school year, high school, P&C, gym, da dah. Such a shame, none of the schools or preschools we’ve attended (we’re up to 9 over 3 states & territories) we’ve never had a class mum morning tea etc. I offered to host one at our latest school & they all looked at me like i was nuts??!! Love Posie

  3. It was lovely to finally meet you IRL 🙂 Glad you didn’t turn out to be a crazed blogging nutter!!!

    I love the dessert table, all of the white platters set the food off nicely. Another wonderful job.

    Katena xx

  4. This looks amazing Leanne! I’m in love with all your cake stands:) I’m also a little bit in love with your entire house….feel so blessed to have shared time with you, kicking back and relaxing in your home haven. Keep dreaming about your home office and all your amazing storage….ahhhh. Glad all the entertaining went so well – lucky you’re so unflappable. Meredy xo

  5. It is always so lovely to catch up with you, and with Sharnel and it was such a treat to meet Katena as well. I am forever blessed by the wonderful people that blogging has brought into my life. And can I say I just adore all your work here Leanne…it makes my heart happy to see you walking out your dreams xx

  6. Wow you were busy Leanne, your dessert table looks lovely & delicious. All the ladies you mentioned, Tracey, Katena, Meredy, Sharnel, as well as yourself Leanne, are all my fave blogs that i love to read. Keep up the good work ladies, your blogs are great.

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