August 23, 2011

I have been adding lots of yummy paper goods to the sweet style store with lots of lovely new products arriving each week.

We now stock everything from favour and treat boxes to ribbon, twine and tags to cups, plates and cutlery.

These perfect candy/baking cups would look great at any party – use them for treats or use them to bake in.  Ice cream would be great as well!
 Teamed with the cupcake/candy favour box they can be used to take home either a cupcake or some candy.
The very stylish chevron tote boxes also arrived in the store this week – great colours to choose from and they are the perfect size for treats or cupcakes
Outdoor celebrations have never looked better with all the wonderful products that are now available – these meal boxes are great for a party in the park and paper straws continue to be popular, making the simplest of drinks look very cool indeed.
I would love to know what your favourite paper products are from the store – leave a message here on the blog or on my facebook page to let me know what you like the best and if there is something you would love to see!
Happy Shopping!


9 thoughts on “Yummy Paper Goods

  1. Hi Leanne. I had a random thought the other night when I was thinking about a candy table set up – have you thought about or is it worth while to stock basic white plates/platters? almost every dessert table you see has 2 or 3 smallish rectangle white plates with items on them so surely others would be looking for them too? just a thought xx

  2. Hi Leanne – oh such prettiness, it’s almost too much to bear! I read that your blog was recommended by Melissa when she guest-posted at Simone’s; I like that we are all looking out for each other! Take care Lou x

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