February 12, 2010

My obsession with parties is taking over my life. So much so that I am seriously considering how I turn this love I have for parties into a little business … my mind is still ticking but I am going to have to start to justify all this time I spend on the internet somehow!!
To end the week here is a selection of lovely images all party related.
We are off to my Aunt’s Wedding in the NSW Wine district this weekend so I will feel very at home at another party … Have a lovely weekend everyone.

One thought on “Party Week … Part Five

  1. I’ve been wondering exactly the same thing about you Leanne. It seems you and Sharnel could be cut from the same cloth. You have the most beautiful eye for detail as well as an ability to actually produce loveliness with your own two hands. You should absolutely explore this gift! Meredy xo.
    p.s. give those gorgeous girls of yours a hug from me.

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