May 13, 2010

I apologise for my lack of being around – Mr A is still away tripping around the wold for business so I have been rather busy keeping up with all that is going on here.

Tomorrow morning however sees his return so I am jumping for joy – it has been a long few weeks – hopefully I will find something more exciting to say upon his return.

2 thoughts on “Jumping for Joy

  1. Hi – ahh I can so relate. I always feel abit flat when my husband is away on business. It has its bonuses (early nights, salad for dinner, SATC reruns) but in the end I do get lonesome. Hope you have a nice reunion! L x

  2. Leanne, it is hard doing everything on your own, but the girls must be very excited about their daddy returning home. Hope you have a lovely weekend as a family.

    Katena xx

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