March 4, 2013

It is always exciting when I discover a new caker via my online store.

Today I am introducing you to Eleanor from Cakage in Queensland.  Eleanor recently purchased a black cake stand from me and then sent through a photo of the stunning cake she created especially for it!

As black cakes are not as common as the white variety I thought it was perfect to be show off here on my Monday Favourite Post along with a little bit more about Eleanor.

Here are a few questions I asked along with her answers:-

How long ago did you find your passion for creating beautiful cakes
I have loved decorated cakes for as long as I can remember! Once we were too old for my mum to make us cakes from the Women’s Weekly Birthday book, I started making them for other people. It wasn’t until after my youngest child was born that I took formal lessons though, and from that moment seven years ago I was hooked.

How long have you had your business
 Cakeage has been running in earnest now for two and a half years. It started out like lots of home businesses I think- small and spasmodically profitable.  Each month it seems to grow bigger, pretty much organically, which suits me because I don’t have much of a “business head” and wouldn’t have a clue about company strategy. As long as my students and  clients are happy, then I’m guessing my business is doing okay.

What is the most popular flavour of cake from your customers?
My most popular flavours are my lemon yoghurt syrup cake and my white and milk choc layer mudcake.

To see more of Eleanor’s work visit her website here or her facebook page here.

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