June 6, 2012

I love looking back at the variety of photo’s I have taken in the past month – this photo a day challenge is so great at making you take notice of what you do each and every day.  I must say some of these photos feel like they were taken months ago not just weeks ago – what a busy May I have had.
Enjoy a month with me and instagram and don’t forget there is still time to enter the giveaway I am hosting.  Go to this blog post here to find out all the details on how to win an stunning Uberkate necklace and a Sweet Style Gift Voucher – good luck!
1. Peace 2. Skyline 3. Something you wore today
4. Fun 5. Bird 6. You
7. Someone that inspires you 8. A smell you adore 9. Something you do everyday
10. A favourite word 11. Kitchen 12. Something that makes you happy (cake and ruffles)
13. Mum 14. Grass 15. Love
16. What you’re reading 17. Snack 18. something you made
19. A favourite place 20. Something you can’t live without (sunshine!) 21. Where you stand
22. Pink 23. Technology 24. Something new
25. Unusual 26. 12 O’clock 27. Something sweet
28. The weather today 29. A number 30. Your personality (neat and tidy but lots of fun)
31. Something beautiful – my family x
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4 thoughts on “May Photo a Day Challenge

  1. Hello sweet – these summaries have become my fave. Are you reading ‘Bloom’? I meant to get a copy – I just haven’t got round to it yet. Your life looks super-busy, much like mine. When did there suddenly seem to be less hours in the day? Oh yea – the day I started my own business 😉 Lou x

  2. Hi Leanne! I found your website and blog through BYW class and I wanted to say that these are really stylish, fresh and so sweet 🙂 I love that design and layout and the content is also very interesting and original!

    Wish you all the best with your sweet business:)


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