October 10, 2011

Happy Monday everyone! 
 I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  We took the girls to see Mary Poppins the musical on Sunday and had the most magical day – if you haven’t been to see it yet it is a must!
Today is also back to school for my girls after two weeks of school holidays – it is lovely to have a break from the routine but almost impossible to keep on top of running a business and blogging with kids home – I did read a great quote this week on Facebook (thanks Jordan) that struck a chord “Remember you are not managing an inconvenience you are raising a human being” – I need to be reminded of this a lot lately! 

Exciting news today though as I am having a giveaway to celebrate the launch of my new newsletter.  
Would you like to win one of these gorgeous square glass cake stands that are valued at $109.95.  There are two colours to choose between, crystal or amber.

To enter just leave a comment here letting me know your favourite product in the Sweet Style Store or any products you would like to see added to the store.

The winner will be drawn on Sunday 16th October at 10pm (Sydney time) so make sure you comment before then. Unfortunately because of postage costs, this giveaway is only open to Australian residents (sorry)!
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102 thoughts on “Cake Stand Giveaway

  1. My Favorited item in the Sweet Style Store is the Juliet Apothecary Jar, We purchased one to use in a lolly Buffet for my brothers wedding a few weeks ago It look amazing but when we set it all up at home, we delivered all the jars and lollies to the reception venue with strict instructions not to open the boxes but when we got there to set up the lolly buffet one of the venues employees had opened the box and accidently broken the Juliet jar we were DEVASTATED as it was the centre piece of the Lolly buffet. I will defiantly be buying another one as soon as I am reimbursed from the reception venue 🙂 I <3 Sweet Style!

  2. I love so many things in your gorgeous collection but at the moment I’m adoring the Pia Hanging Jars… I think I need a bunch of these to hang in our outdoor entertaining area with tea lights inside – they would be so pretty!!

  3. OOo how do you choose just one item. If I had to choose it would be the pink Bon Bon round cake stand. Love the shade of pink and since I have a little boy I need to indulge my girly side somehow and this stand does it!

  4. I love just about everything in the Sweet Style Store. Like my Charley Jar and my Chrissy Jar and the delicious rock candy sticks. I love the Mini Apothecary jars I just purchased. But my favourite at the moment would have to be the Carrie jar. I can’t wait to get some for Christmas along with a few 🙂 other things.

  5. So hard to choose a favourite item with so many gorgeous products to choose from. I particularly love your party range, I can’t wait to orgnaise my sons 3rd birthday and purchase coordinated party ware such as the cups, plates, straws and lollies. This glass cake stand would look perfect with a beautiful homemade birthday cake and other homemade goodies 🙂

  6. Entry for Vanessa Rudd
    I love all the products, but especially the milk glass cake stands (which I bought!!). I just have to convince my husband I need them in every colour! I would love to see the little heart sugar cubes, they are so cute!!
    Thanks Leanne !

  7. oooh tough one. Id love to own every cake stand in the store they are all so gorgeous! When the Sweet Style store opened I bought the glass ribbed jars after seeing how fantastic they always look on your dessert tables, there are so versatile – I use them for tea, coffee and sugar jars also.

  8. Hi there Leanne,
    Well, this is a tough call naming one product I love in your store…as I am in love with so many.

    However, I am going to go with those gorgeous little pannacotta pots. I love the simplicity of the design, and pannacotta is one of my favourite desserts!

    All the best for a lovely week. Alison.x.

  9. I have to pick just one thing I love in your store? Oh it’s all gorgeous!! I do love all the apocothery jars though and look forward to expanding my initial collection!! (sshhhhh, don’t tell my husband!! lol)

  10. I love absolutely EVERYTHING in the Sweet Style shop, but I have to say I have actually got my eye on the square glass cake stand! It is elegant and pretty and it reminds me of the beautiful crystal that my nan used to have.

  11. So much choice, so many pretty things in your store. I must say that my favourite would have to be the Charlotte Cloche and dish. I have been searching for one here in Australia. I shall have to order it soon. Cheers, Di.

  12. Hi Leanne, one thing to choose as my favourite…hmmm.lets see…I think its the candy jars they look so amazing filled to the brim with lollies…NO, its the glass cloche to cover up little treasures like macaroons…OR is it the footed vessels that can look as good with candy as they do flowers….perhaps its the Mason jars, how divine are they Ian thing of a thousand uses for them….OKAY I give up order me one of everything I can’t decide!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fab prize! Luv Lee x

  13. My favourite item in your store is the Hobnail Compote – Pink $59.95. How gorgeous would this bowl be filled with big juicy strawberries or sweet pink and white fluffy marshmallows! It is such a stunning bowl that I might have to take it to my bedroom and use it to display my treasures. Absolutely devine.

  14. My 4 year old daughter went to Mary Poppins on Saturday with her grandparents, she LOVED it too!

    I love so many of your products, but am especially loving the hanging glass jars! they would be perfect for summer nights especially with citronella candles in them 😉

  15. LOVE your blog and your webpage! Divine on so many levels. Would love to see a triple glass beverage dispenser. They are three glass drink dispensers in a horizontal row on a black wrought iron stand! I’ll be the first to purchase one! Many thanks, Lyndal Spooner

  16. I find a new favourite every time I visit your store! Today I’m going to go with the Pia hanging jars – who knows what it will be tomorrow 🙂

  17. Bon bons…. mmmmmmm…. The kilo I recently ordered is rapidly disappearing and I may not have any left for the party for which I’d originally ordered them!! Oh well, I will just have to order some more. Which colour to try next…???

  18. Hi Leanne!
    My favourite piece from your gorgeous shop would definitely be my 30cm milk glass stand (I love my other two sizes too – but the 30cm is the best because I can always put my grand master piece on this one!)

    I love everything in store but would love to definitely see some drink dispensers, more vintage props, and orange lollies 😉 Actually any more lollies in orange or yellow 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up on Mary Poppins – sounds wonderful.

    Amanda De Santis xx

  19. My favourites have always been the cake stans! Hobnail in pink, or the bon bon in white, they are so pretty and dressy.Would love to see more vinage props and maybe even some hand crafted stuff, something that says “unique”. Still these cake stands are so hard to find in Australia, thanks for shipping them in!

  20. We are seeing Mary in December; my daughter has already seen it in Melbourne – can’t wait!!!

    While I love all of the beauties on your website, I have truly fallen in love with the personalised stamps. I believe these little lovelies epitomise the delicate details of a beautifully staged event. As well, when stamped on tags, spoons or thank-you cards, they give the birthday child (whose name is represented on the stamp) such a thrill to see their name all “official”! My children adore their stamps and take such care when they use them.

    I’d love to see your range of paper punches expanded. Thanks, Leanne!

  21. What a generous giveaway! I checked out the shop and I am really loving the hobnail compote stand bowl. It would look great on my dining room table filled with colourful fruit.

  22. I drool on just about everything in your store! My personal favorites are the cake stands, the straws & the vintage pieces. What a generous giveaway, thank you dearly for the chance! 🙂

  23. I have just had my daughter’s third birthday and my stamp and stamp pad got a good workout and lots of lovely comments from guests too. Love the store.

  24. Firstly – Congrats on the new newsletter! I think I love everything in your store!! But if I had to choose just 1 thing, it would be the gorgeous pink Hobnail Cake Stand, and I would buy it for my sister, as she looooves baking! If I win one of the pretty glass stands, I will give it to her, as I know she will do it justice by putting just as pretty baked goods on it!

  25. Ohh everything in your shop is divine but my favourite is your Milk Glass Cake stand in jade. I have long admired this cake stand especially this beautiful soft colour. A very close 2nd is the crystal cake stand in your giveaway its got such a lovely vintage appeal and reminds me of my wonderful grandmother and all the yummy homemade goodies she would make me as a little girl!

  26. I love everything in your shop! Its hard to pick just one thing.. but it would have to be the rock candy swizzle sticks.. their something unique and different and so bright and colourful!

  27. hard to choose a favourite but as I love apothecary jars…it would have to be the Mini Glass Apothecary Jars as they are both beautiful and a bargain

  28. I Love the Glass milk Stands!! They are my favourite as they are sooo retro!! I LOVE all things 1950’s and these stands are so glam and kitsch!! Oooohhhh l now want to apron up and bake me a cake!! hahaha!

  29. wow so hard to choose but i am in love with the personalised name stamp! i ordered one recently and cant wait for it to arrive!
    my ‘yum’ stamp already gets a lot of use as well! thank you for offering such wonderful products =)

  30. Oh I saw Mary Poppins on Friday night and it was brilliant!!! My favourite product is the milk glass cake stand in pink – a must for my little girls parties. x Hayley

  31. So hard to choose just one product Leanne!!! I love everything in your store heheh. But I have to say my latest purchase square Porcelain BON BON stand – so gorgeous and so versatile! gr8 for cakes and cupcakes, chocolate bars, omg I love it… x Debbi

  32. I admire all your products all the time, seeing Im a new liker of your page. I love all your cake stands! For my daughters third birthday I’m after a statement peice, the crystal square stand is stunning 🙂

  33. Amongst all your beautiful things it is the Vintage ball mason jars With the glass lids in green that really caught my eye 🙂

  34. Hmmm, difficult question if I have to choose just one, but I am a lover of all things mini so my favourite would be the mini glass jars which would be perfect for a mini chocolate mousse or a mini trifle of different chocolates. I also love the mini apothecary jars, which would be great for thank you gifts.

  35. I love it all!! The mason jars and all the apothecary jars in every shape and size if I really had to narrow it down a bit!
    Would love to see more vintage inspired decorations perhaps??

  36. Although I would love to list over a hundred items, I am adoring the glass drink dispenser. Reminds me of old lemonade stands. I’m already trying to think of a theme for my daughters 2nd birthday next year where you can coordinate that item in for me 🙂

  37. Oh it is hard to choose just one thing.
    I love the mini glass bottles, and also the drink dispenser. My daughter would love the stamp.
    What a fantastic giveaway.

  38. Oh how can I chose just one thing!
    I keep changing my mind 😛
    I do love the Blue Gingham Favour Bags, I haven’t seen them anywhere else before, and think they would be awesome for a Wizard of Oz party!

  39. I finally found where to enter this awesome competition…

    I was referred to your site because I wanted to buy a pink cake stand to use on my goodies table for my french inspired 30th birthday party last month. The pink bon bon stand was so stunning and so were the cupcakes that sat on top of it…

  40. I am just loving your mini glass pots. The perfect little pots for my panacotta recipe. Adore the mason jars too. The cake stands are also on my wishlist,the pink milk glass stand is so adorable!!


  41. Am in love with the ball mason jars, we used them for our wedding and I just get enough of them, so simple yet beautiful and have 1001 different purposes 🙂

  42. I love just about everything in your shop, but my absolute favourite would have to be the white round bon bon cake stand. And the cake sitting on it i pretty fab too. 🙂

  43. My fav is the cut out mason jar.
    I have used the lid as a pattern for decorating cakes and biscuits, I have used it as a stamp, and as a vase too.
    Love looking for multiple uses!

  44. NOTHING that I DON”T like !!

    But, having needed a square cake stand last weekend for my daughter’s birthday… it must be the giveaway prize that I like most right now !

    Fingers crossed. x

  45. Ohhh, only 1 day left. My favourite is easy to pick. By far its Falshaws Glass Milk Bottle. They remind me of my Nanna (bless her) as she had a collection of old bottles. She always told us the story of when she was at school, they were given milk in bottles to drink and it was always warm. Ewwww. I heard the story so many times and loved it.

  46. I love all of them :), I recently bought the personalised stamp and i love it! I visited your blog almost everyday just to check what’s new with sweet style :)))

  47. Personalised name stamps are faves at my house, my daughter LOVES seeing her name on everything. We can’t wait to buy more for her upcoming 3rd b’day party. Vela S

  48. I just purchased four of your beautiful cake stands and absolutely love the style and height of the 30cm milk stands. I can’t wait till you have these in black and will definitely be placing an order straight away! Love your work Leanne and look forward to many more wonderful things from your store 🙂

  49. It’s impossible to pick just one product because they are all just so sweet! But if I had to pick a top two I would say the drink dispenser, what a great idea! And the personalsed stamp, what a quick a simple idea to personalise your party! Genius!!

  50. What a fantastic cake stand. I’ve never owner one, we usually have to find a big serving plate but this would make any cake look special.
    My favourite from the shop is their range of polka dotty party plates.

  51. My favourite has to be the Milk cake stands – they combine classic elegance with a timeless appeal that won’t go out of style. Love them!

  52. You have so many lovely items, I would have to say I love little details so I am a fan of your little personalised stamps and the “thank you” and “enjoy” stamp. I love how you have used them in your party tables, on the bamboo cutlery and attached to the party boxes. Think I need to order one for my next childs party. : )

  53. There are so many beautiful items to choose from in your store Leanne! My favourite at the moment though is the Carrie Glass Jar. I can just imagine it on my benchtop full of delicious sweets!

  54. I absolutly live the Hobnail Glass Cake Stand clear 25cm. What cake would not look simply stunning sitting on top of this!!!


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