May 24, 2012

Not only do they have the cutest names but there were two of the cutest girls to have for our little photography session while in Byron.  
The wonderful shoot that Sheye had prepared for us on Wednesday after was just so exciting for me – up until now most of the photo’s of kids have been of my own or close friends who are happy to let me click away while they play.  Now I guess this shoot was not your typical day out with the camera – think 10 keen girls with camera in hand and a very confined space (think tiny!). So after a number of squeals and only one or two stumbles this is what I somehow came up with.
To be able to watch Sheye in action helped me once again to gain new perspective on photography.
We started amongst the trees – lovely light filtering through allowing us to capture some pretty sun-flare – so dreamy!
From the trees we moved to the beach and the amazing afternoon pink skies of Byron Bay – I am in love with the beauty of this part of the world.  
So there you have it – a small selection of our afternoon with Gigi and Lulu and the afternoon skies of Byron Bay. It is quite amusing to be able to look at these photos and know what what was going on behind the camera with so many of us there at one time.
I used the wonderful Eye Candy Actions to edit these photos – Muted Wash for amongst the trees and Babycakes for on the beach.
Hope you like!


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