October 6, 2009

Home made pizza is the latest thing in our house – we seem to have it every week as the kids love to make their own and it seems to make them eat it when they have had a hand in making it. For a quick meal we go with the pita bread version but sometimes we even make our own dough which makes them extra yummy!
The yummy photos below are courtesy of Donna Hay Magazine which arrived on the doorstep today (with a bonus free tea towel!). The cover is of one delicious looking pizza – sounds like everyone has caught the pizza bug!

One thought on “~ Pizza Anyone ~

  1. Leanne these look scrumptious! I don’t normally buy DH mag., but I’m going to tomorrow, these recipes look great. MOTH is the pizza maker here, even making his own dough from scratch. He hasn’t learnt though that less in more with the toppings, I have to watch him like a hawk or it will have so many things on it you can hardly lift it!
    Millie ^_^

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