May 29, 2012

Nicole from Pretty and Print is back today with some great idea’s on how to get creative with paper and make those party games look extra special.

With lots of focus on gorgeous sweet things, scrumptious cakes and fabulous themes, I got thinking the other day about what party games are being played at our little ones parties these days.  I always seem to head back to old favourites, like “Pass the Parcel”, or “Pin the Tail”.  But those old favourites can always have a little bit of a face lift, can’t they?  We are full steam ahead with preparations for Little Miss P&P’s sixth rainbow party so I thought I wold get a head start with some special packaging tips to make your next “Pass the Parcel” the highlight of your party!

I love to sew paper!  You don’t need to have a fancy, expensive machine, just something simple.  It is a great way to create cute packaging and the end result always comes out looking elegant and lovely.

You can experiment using designer or scrapbooking paper to cut to different sizes, add some sweets and then stitch closed, the possibilities are endless.
We are going to mix things up a little and add some silly instructions/activity note cards to our “Pass the Parcel” for the kids to do when they music stops …
About Nicole…
Nicole Hanna is the owner, designer & paper whisperer behind Pretty & Print, which combines my love of pretty paper, printables, craft and all things design. Please pop by and visit me on Facebook to discover more paper inspiration, printables and creations.

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4 thoughts on “Fun with Paper – Great Party Games

  1. Hi Leanne, stopping by from the BYW class. You have such a lovely blog and eye for beauty. I’m so glad happy to have stumbled across your blog, I can tell it’s going to provide me with endless amounts of inspiration. 🙂
    See you in class,

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