April 8, 2011

Wow how exciting – my blog is having it’s 2nd birthday today!!
No dessert table in honour however the balloons have been out and I have decided to have a little giveaway – a thank you for all your support.
Everybody seemed to love the little spoons with Sofia’s name on it from last weeks party – if you would like to know more about the party check it out here and if you would like to see how I created the spoons go here.
So my giveaway today is a stamp that I will have made with your choice of name on it and a pack of the very cute Gelati Cups and spoons that I used for the party.  There are 24 cups and spoons in the pack and the stamp will be yours forever – just think of the uses!

If you would like to order your very own stamp go here for more details.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling what your favourite party theme is – it can be a colour, a character, a favourite item – anything you love for either kids or adults.
While you are at it pop over to facebook and “like” me if you haven’t already! 
Competition closes midnight Monday 11th April (Sydney time) and I will announce the winner on Tuesday. 
Thank you to everyone for the wonderful support in the past two years – it is amazing to see how my blog and my life has evolved in that time.  The blogging community is incredibly supportive so you have all enriched my life greatly!  
Will definitely need to have cake tonight with the family to celebrate.
Finally this weekend is the final weekend for voting over at the Circle of Moms Top 25 Party Planning Moms – I am hanging in there within the top 25 so just one vote each day from you may make the difference.
Have a lovely weekend everyone – hope there is some cake and ice cream in there somewhere.


48 thoughts on “Blog Birthday Giveaway

  1. Happy 2nd bloggy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers. My favorite theme is ANYTHING girly but this year we are doing a VINTAGE circus theme for Landyn’s 2nd birthday. I may need some ideas 🙂 HUGS

  2. Happy Birthday and keep up the great work, love reading about your wonderful ideas.

    My favourite party theme would be cars as my son loves cars, starting to think of fun things to do for is 3rd birthday party.

    Or maybe i should be looking at fun things for my own birthday as its on monday !

  3. Happy blogiversary! What a sweet giveaway; we should be giving you gifts, I’m always inspired on your site! I just stamped spoons myself for our party this weekend and I’m hooked on the idea! I think since I have boys, my favorite theme are transportation ones, trains, cars, trucks, etc.

  4. Congratulations. I haven’t quite made it to 1 year yet let alone too!

    Favourite theme – pink has been a real success but this year we’re going for a mustache theme for a very ebullient 13yo.

    x Felicity

  5. Congrats on 2 very successful years!
    My fave theme would be anything involving pale pink.
    Good luck with cracking the Top 25 in Circle of Moms – by happy coincidence, I mentioned earlier today on my blog that you’re in the Top 25 and that more votes will keep you there, so fingers crossed you get a few more votes rolling in x

  6. Oh Leanne! HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to your gorgeous bloggy home 🙂 I’m about to celebrate my blog & business’s 1st birthday next week 🙂
    GREAT GIVEAWAY! I LURVE your stamped spoon creations…very clever!
    Hmmmm….favourite party theme…tricky one, there is so many great theme ideas & inspirations around that I don’t think I can pick just one! But I love things that are just a little bit ‘different’ for example; a party styled entirely around a colour or piece of fruit or pattern. Or a quirky theme like Moulin Rouge, vintage circus, Picnic in the Park etc!
    Again, Happy Birthday 🙂

  7. Happy 2nd Birthday!!!! My son’s third birthday party on Tuesday will be an airplane theme. So that’s my favourite theme at the moment. It’s tested my creativity and I’ve had to think outside the box, but I’m looking forward to pulling it altogether.

  8. Happy 2nd birthday to you 🙂

    I am loving rainbows as a party theme at the moment!

    The photo’s of the girls are fabulous.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    katena x

  9. Happy happy birthday Leanne! What a huge milestone – and you have really made the most of these last 2 years with so many achievements, including all those happy party goers.

    So, my favourite party theme is fairies! But vintage-style, pastel fairies (no bright pink thank you!) with lots of fairy dust, flowers and gossamer wings.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Steph x

  10. Congratulations to you dear Leanne! How well I remember us talking via email as you were planning your entrance into BlogLand….I’m so glad you did. As a dedication to MOTH I reckon a Rowing theme partee would be spectacular!
    Millie x

  11. Happy 2nd Blog Year! I have been following your divine work from the very beginning!

    Colours: I am loving yellow at the moment. Yellow, orange and hot pink. Yellow and dove grey. Yellow and purple.

    Themes: animals are unisex and can be super cute. Elephants, turtles, giraffes.

    Elaine x

  12. Congratulations Mrs A in the Cove! I would have to say i’m your biggest blog fan! Love all that you blog about! Your blog is refreshing, uplifting, inspirational and its all cause of you! Congratulations Leanne! You truely deserve to be in the top 25 party planning mums!

    My favourite party theme of the moment would have to be “my little sunshine”… but you already knew that! 😉
    Also ordered one of these lovely stamps and I cant wait to use it! 🙂
    x Ana

  13. Two years old! Where did that go. A truely lovely blog and its wonderful to see all your creations now. Long may you continue. And what a lovely giveaway too. Happy weeekending!

  14. Well having two girls I would have to say we can’t really seem to go without pink. Always pale pink though not hot pink! My fave colour combo would be pale pink and lemon which I’m planning at the moment for my daughters party … a pink lemonade high tea!

  15. Happy second year blog birthday! Very cute stamp! Having all sons we don’t get to do pinks for birthday celebrations. We go for more manly-man kind of looks.

  16. Thanks for the fab giveaway!
    With 2 boys it would have to be blues and greens both my boys favorite colours!

    Am now a follower of your fab blog and a facebook liker 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday dear Mrs A
    Happy Birthday to You
    Congrats on the two years, here’s too many more wondeful memories being created! My favourite theme at the moment is pink (with a dash of black to ‘French’ it up a little), lucky I have two girls and extra lucky one loves everything “French” xx Enjoy the Birthday celebrations x

  18. Happy 2nd Birthday
    You are doing an awesome job with your beautiful blog. I have to say my favorite theme is Ice Cream. I did one for my son last year and it was fun to theme, so many great toppings to choose from and soooooo much fun to devour. Even the adults were taken back to childhood and indulged.
    The spoons would have been awesome then. Am planning an Alice in Wonderland party for my girls so spoons would be perfect for that also.

  19. I am a New Follower of your lovely blog, and so happy I found it!!!!!!! This is a awesome giveaway, and honestly I am giving my daughter a icecream party for her birthday in May, and I had spotted these spoons and cups on your blog, and I just knew they would be perfect for her special day!!!!! I do not have a favorite theme, as I enjoy mostly any party I put together, but I am thinking after this icecream party coming up, it could possibly be the favorite of them all!!!!!! I hope to win!!!!! : ) HAPPY BIG 2 to YOU!!!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  20. what a gorgeous blog and it is so creative and inspiring. I would have to say I love the theme pretty in pink or circus as i have always loved the circus

  21. Hello sweet – 2 years – wow! That is a milestone isn’t it? Those little spoons are just soo cute – I love all of these little ideas. I do wish I was a better party planner. The next one I have is an Easter Sunday lunch for my family – I love this time of year for table decorations – all fresh daffodils and coloured eggs. Lovely. Lou x

  22. Happy blog birthday! 🙂 i’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now, and I just love it.

    I tried clicking on the link to Facebook on this post, but I think it does not work. But, I did find your FB icon on the sidebar, and clicked on that. I’m now a fan of yours on FB.

    My favorite party theme is anything pink and green. I’m planning my daughter’s 2nd birthday party…I’ll be checking your blog for more ideas.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway. I saw your post about the ice cream spoons a few days ago but didn’t know where to buy the items.

  23. Your parties are always so amazing! Happy blirthday! My favourite themes vary so it’s hard to decide but I do love a good “candyland” party!

  24. Happy 2nd Blog Birthday!
    My favourite party theme is pink… last year my daughter had a pink party, so pretty. This year we’re doing a rainbow theme for my son.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful prize.
    Offto ‘like’ you on facebook.
    Nikki 🙂

  25. Hi there,
    I only recently discovered your blog but I love your work! Happy 2 Years to you 🙂
    I am in the stationery business and appreciate a good theme myself! I love stripes so I’m going to say Rainbows but also did a Monkey Birthday party for my son last year and tied it all together with red and white stripes for a bit of Circus magic!
    Good luck with the comp!
    Abra{card}Abra cards + design

  26. Congratulations !!!! Im an avid fan of your blog , I always lurk around and you are such an inspiration …. My favourite theme would be a circus ,, Easter Show is coming and there will e heaps of colurs and ideas to get inspired…
    Al the best to you ….

  27. Congratulations on your 2nd Birthday!!. I have come across your blog through discovering you facebook page. All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!. My favourite party theme would be a girls afternoon tea, lots of Pink and White food/lollies and table decorations. I especially love the photo’s on your facebook page of ‘Emily’s 6th Birthday’. I’m looking at doing something like that for my daughters birthday in June, just a few friends over for an afternoon tea. I absolutley love the teapot..did you make that yourself? Congratulations again and I’m now off to have more of a look at your blog 🙂

  28. Hi, You blog is my favorite to check each week. My favorite party theme is definatley the gumball theme and I want that pink gumball cake. I am definatley doing this for my twins 5th birthday this year. Keep up the great ideas. Melissa x

  29. I am in love with woodlands/fairy theme. my daughter just turned two and is really in to fairies, gnomes and anything fantasy/imaginary. I have already started planning her third birthday party (maybe a circus theme… oh the possibilities are endless)!

  30. Love your blog – enjoy your birthday party tonight. My favourite parties are garden parties, tea-parties and anything ‘French’. Lots of greens and pinks.

  31. Happy 2nd birthday 🙂
    Hmm, favourite theme you ask? Probably the one I threw for my 2yr old’s birthday, it was a little bit vintage, a little bit retro and had a splash of red thrown into the mix.

  32. Happy Bloggy Birthday! Congratulations, wonderful Mrs A! I’ve ‘liked’ you for quite a while on FB…
    It’s a hard decision to make, but I just can’t go past a party featuring a pink colour scheme – whether it’s a pale pastel pink for Easter, a sugar pink theme for a fairy party or a hot pink & black-hued adult birthday party (and I’ve had ALL three!), I just adore the colour pink at parties – so versatile. Somehow, I know you’ll understand my weakness for it…. 🙂

  33. Happy 2nd birthday!! I think my favourite party theme would have to be “high tea”. Little cakes, little finger sandwiches, brownie bites, macarons, the list is endless! Displayed on stacked cake stands, or tiered stands or long white platters.

    I love your blog by the way, keep up the very fab work you’ve been doing. 🙂

  34. Congratulations and Happy 2nd Birthday Leanne – have loved every one of your posts and the generosity of your soul.

    As to parties, I still can’t get past my princess Sophie’s 1st birthday celebrations with family and friends celebrating her life with us, surrounded by pink and red balloons – the photo of her sitting surrounded by them is my screensaver!

  35. My favourite party theme is pink. Pink fairy, Pink high tea, pink soda bar…doesn’t really matter as long as it’s pink. Congrats on the 2 years, it’s my 1 year at the end of the month as well you should pop on over as I have a giveaway as well.

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