April 6, 2011

Enjoying my In the Moment weekly post – it actually reminds me to be in the moment a some point of every day as I reach for my camera and shoot what is happening around me.
Ice blocks on the verandah – what is more in the moment than that.  Sitting in the sunshine with a cool juicy ice block – half for Indi, half for me – ahh…

 Just being around her also helps to be in the moment!
Have you taken time to be in the moment this week?


7 thoughts on “In The Moment – Ice blocks on the verandah

  1. Beautiful photos Leanne and what a beautiful little girl. I sure have lived in the moment this week. No choice when there is no car with which to zip around. But, it’s been a blessing. Don’t remember the last time i cuddled and tickled and giggled so much with my babies. Enjoy the rest of your week. xxx

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