April 21, 2010

Ok it is the week for questions to you all in blogland! Things in Australia have turned a little crazy in TV land this week – I am not big on TV during the evening usually as it my time to hop on the computer uninterrupted and scour the world of blogs. This week however things have turned nasty with the return of Masterchef Australia to our screens – every night this week it is sucking me in – and to add to all that tonight is the finale of So You Think You Can Dance Australia!

So now I sit here with laptop on lap watching SYTYCD trying to work out how to blog and keep up with everyone. I have had the most wonderful and lovely comments on my blog in the past few weeks so I am visiting loads of new blogs that I hadn’t visited before – this has become a full time job!
So my question – how does everyone else keep up with all this wonderfulness which is the blogworld – do you click through a few each day or do you also sit on your computer for hours? Do you find new blogs to follow each week and if you become a follower how do you keep up with everyone? Do you leave loads of comments every day or just the odd one every now and then? And then there is time spent on your own blog! Oh the questions could go on forever but I would love to hear any thoughts on time management in the blogworld.

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  1. I’m one step ahead of you Leanne…I only sit glued to MasterChef! I think blog time management must come as close to an oxymoron as ‘spare champagne’. It’s really hard to manage as we all get hooked on it a bit I think. I use the google reader function to just scroll through all the blogs I follow and when I feel I have something useful or funny to say then I’ll comment (ok, perhaps that doesn’t always apply!). I have people whose posts I always comment on..usually the people who have shown enormous kindness and generosity to me. As for time spent on own posts…oh I wish I could give you a clue about that…I spend hours sometimes just trying to get them right!! I always think it’s nice to visit new blogs too and for me ‘following’ is just a visible sign of support for someone…you don’t have to check in on them every day! Now I’ve gone and written a short novel…sorry about that!

  2. Hi Leanne, I think this is a really interesting question. Up until a few months ago I never even blogged or followed blogs so now I spend so much time doing it, I wonder what I did before! Its kind of addictive so I have found that I need to curb my new-found blog love as it starts to consume all my time.

    Quite sadly also a couple of the bloggers I follow have said its all become too much for them and they have stopped (or atleast stopped in frequency). Its dreadful that something like blogging has become a such a burden.

    For me – I see it as looking through a magazine. I follow design, fashion, lifestyle, family, motherhood blogs and so its like reading articles on all of those topics. I like to read through when I have a cuppa tea in the mornings. But I must admit I do keep an eye through the day if I am near my computer (its never been so heavily used!). I comment a fair bit – as I have been lucky to find some blogs that have some cool stuff to say. So I guess it inspires me.

    As for my blog – I am always delighted to get a comment so I do check to see if anyone has left me one. I figure that’s because I am new and keen and will ware off over time? Nice post…sorry I have so much to say on the topic! x

  3. Google Reader! {or Bloglines or another reader of your choosing, but Reader is my favorite.} It took me awhile to ‘get it’ but now I can read as people update and if I want to scroll through and not read as carefully, I can skip the posts that don’t really interest me. It is fabulous! At first I missed the actual visit to the blog, but you can click on the title and BAM you’re taken directly to the blog.

    Right now I have 272 {including yours!} subscriptions, some update daily, some infrequently but I don’t have to spend hours because Reader tells me when a blog is updated.

    I usually spend an hour in the morning, since most people update overnight, and then an hour or two in the evening.

  4. I’m finding it more and more difficult to keep up. I have been blogging for 2 years now and it is almost impossible to visit back everyone who leaves a comment on my blog. I am constantly experiencing enormous guilt about the love i receive but often can’t reciprocate. I think people understand though. I set myself an hour in the morning to post and reply, then I have to give the time to my family and my work. If something has to give, it’s the poor old bloggy unfortunately. A-M xx

  5. I’m a bit like A-M only I’ve been blogging for not even a year. It is practically impossible to get around everyone’s blogs and there are hundreds and hundreds of fabulous ones out there. I’m not a big tv watcher so this is indeed a way to watch a screen without watching tele 😉

    Having said that, the evenings used to be used for catching up with my calligraphy practice so I too am blogging less frequently now – a couple of times per week instead of every day. I don’t know about the others, but I don’t get upset if people don’t respond to my comments – we can’t all be everywhere at once and family and friends are more important always. I try to do so the best I can to visit as many people as I can. Some have become friends over the last few months so I can’t get by without ‘seeing’ them 😉

    I think it becomes a little like real life afterwards – you can’t see everyone all the time. DIfferent friends for different times of your life and moments of your day.
    I try not to spend too long writing my post and then can end up spending hours. Hence why I blog a bit less than before.
    Visits are always sooo lovely it’s hard not to visit everyone but if you do you will be gobbled up by your laptop and Masterchef will never be able to make a meal of you 😉

  6. I am a huge Masterchef fan too Leanne. I tend to find it easier to record it and watch it after the little ones are in bed. Makes it quicker too, as I can zip through the advert’s or re watch something! As for finding time to check out all of my favourite blogs, I tend to read during the day when I am passing the laptop and I have 5 minutes. I am quite new to the blogging world, so spend way more time than I should reading them!!

  7. I’m a reality TV addict too Leanne, gives me some relief from the nerdy stuff I need to do at work. I’m also like A-M, I just can’t get to visit as often as I like. So these days I’m restricted to replying to comments & even that’s erratic. Just do what you feel comfortable with, you find a rhythm.
    Millie ^_^

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