April 20, 2010

Ahh to have a dream wardrobe like these celebs …
This is my all time favourite – Oprah’s wardrobe designed by Nate

And to have the space for all these shoes

So elegant

Paula seems to like her accessories

We are having the most amazing autumn weather here in Sydney – in preparation for what is normally a change to colder weather I did the wardrobe flip just last week and put lots of my summer stuff away and started sorting through the winter wardrobe – of course this is the perfect excuse for the weather to confuse us! Not that I am complaining as there is nothing better than sunshine and warm days but it got me to thinking about how nice it would be to have a lovely big wardrobe without having to put things away each season!
Oh to dream … which one do you like best?

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Dreams

  1. But that’s like asking which type of cupcake I like best!!! Okay, if I *HAD* to choose: Oprah’s wardrobe. It looks like a gorgeous department store – so understated and elegant….and, even though you can’t see them, you KNOW she’s got STACKS of the Christian Louboutins hidden away SOMEWHERE….*sigh*

  2. Oh, I dream of a walk-in wardrobe, especially one like Oprah’s – and especially if I get to design it with gorgeous Nate!!

    Mariah Carey’s shoe collection is crazy…can anyone wear that many shoes in one lifetime!!! I am sure I could spend many happy hours in that room though 🙂

    Lovely post Leanne, have a great week 🙂

  3. I would love to have a closet like this to store my clothes and shoes. Trouble is I’d probably shop even more if I knew I had loads of space to store everything.

    And it’s funny reading blogs from the other side of the world talking about getting ready for winter when here in the UK we are all excited at the lovely weather we’ve been having. Summer seems to be on it’s way already!

  4. Hi Leanne, I can see why Oprah’s wardrobe is the all-time fave – my, how those items are folded on the shelves…actually makes my heart pitter-pat! It appeals to my shopaholic and neataholic self 😉 Louise x

  5. Hi Leanne, I guess when you have designers sending you apparel for free, just to have you photographed in it, you could definitely spring for a closet like these. My problem, I cannot fit into anything I wore last year…lamentably. So I keep them for the “visuals”

  6. #4 does it for me Leanne. I love those glass fronted wardrobes and the gorgeous wooden floor. Plus, I seem to have Splenderosa’s problem as well..I need a gym more than a walk-in!!

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