August 31, 2010

So many lovely comments from visitors to my blog popping past to see more of Sienna’s Party!

Of course the most common question of all is about those lovely glass bottles. Well here they are – Santa Vittoria Fruit Nectars. Available in Woolworth’s here in Australia. Find them in the deli section in packs of six – the nectar is very nice as well!


12 thoughts on “Those Lovely Glass Bottles

  1. I’ve been thinking about those lovely bottles since I saw your post the day too – dreaming of them actually!!! Thanks for telling – i shall try to track them down via the www of stockists here in NL if I’m really lucky.

  2. Thank you again for being so kind and sharing this fabulous tip. It is so kind and generous of you – greatly appreciated from a woman who has 36 of those bottles stashed away!!! And I loved the nectar too. 🙂

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