August 4, 2018

The Spring Blossoms in Vancouver were magical this year and provided the perfect back drop for Sienna and I to have some fun!  It is always a waiting game to get the correct week when everything blooms as the weather hits the perfect temperature, but when they do it is just so beautiful to drive the streets and find the blooms out in force!  

The beauty of living in this part of the world that experiences 4 distinct seasons is just so incredible and one of the pure delights of living in Canada!


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December 21, 2015

I have just been over on pinterest looking at table inspiration for Christmas and it got me thinking about the lovely lunch we had while at Kimbri Farm in November.  A lovely Spring day with a pretty and simple table in the beautiful outdoors where we enjoyed the most delicious Sorrel and Fennel Risotto followed by the freshest strawberries with vanilla creme fraiche and gluten free crumble mix all made by the lovely Lily.   The stunning ceramics we enjoyed our dessert from were made by Sarah Schembri Ceramics.  If you would like the recipes please pop over to the Local is Lovely Blog here.

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