August 11, 2014

A few behind the scenes photos today from my place after I gave my favourite display shelving units a styling update last week.

I purchased these gorgeous shelving units 2 years ago so I could display my beautiful cake stand collection – with so many lovely cake stands in my shop I found that I was constantly pulling out various sizes and colours to show customers who popped into my home to make a purchase.  

The collection of course has grown over time and the shelves were starting to look a little messy and cluttered!  Showing every colour in every size while trying to remain stylish wasn’t working and every time I pulled out another little prop to use I would dump it back on the shelves!

It was time for a clean up and a refresh – time to style everything up and combine ranges, colours and various other items I love like books and candles.

Here are the before and after results!  I am feeling so much calmer every time I walk past now – nothing like a good clean out for the soul!


Sweet Style-5611_wShelf001Sweet Style-5654_w


Sweet Style-5799_wSweet Style-5808_wbookcase001 bookcase002 bookcase003Sweet Style-5810_w bookcase004 Sweet Style-5801_w

Images :: Leanne Ambrogio for Sweet Style 
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