February 28, 2016

With February about to come to an end I am here to give you my latest favourites!  I must say February is one of my favourite months of the year.  The kids are back at school so I have time to get on top of all those chores that build up over the summer holidays when kids are around a lot more and it is a time of new routines and goals!  It is also probably one of the warmest months of the year and I love summer – it just makes me happy!  On Thursday it was a scorching 38 degrees here in Sydney and I took a deviation from the norm and headed to Bondi for a walk on the beach in the morning and then came home and went for a swim in my pool all by myself in the middle of the day! Unheard of!  I even went for a second swim with the kids after school!  

So here I have for you my February Favourites!  I hope you enjoy them.

Sweet Style-7209

I have never been one to spend much time in Bondi but in the past few months I have headed there to capture images of what is really a beautiful place in the world.  The image above is one I took this week however, the main inspiration for all of this is the daily email I receive from the one and only Uge from Aquabumps!  He really is the master of the Bondi image and I love everything he creates!  Check out his website here and make sure you join up for his daily email which will make you smile.

Next up is my favourite Instagram and You tube film maker – Sam Evans.  Just love his 15 second clips on Instagram and his longer versions on You Tube.  Mini films is definitely on my to do list for 2016!

If you have kids, especially teenagers or soon to be teenagers, this great article on raising awesome teenagers is worth a read.

Support a wonderful cause by visiting the Aussie Wellness Women website.  Purchase the beautiful e-book From Our Kitchen to Yours which is filled with beautiful, healthy recipes or take part in the Aussie wide donation drop.

And finally I am loving the wall makeover from the one and only Kara Rosenlund.  See it here.

January 26, 2016

What better images to post here on Australia than some of one of Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach.  I avoided the Australia Day crowds and took a trip there yesterday when it was surprisingly quiet!  Admittedly the weather was not amazing but still I was surprised at actually how quiet it was down there considering it is a long weekend here in Australia.  I hope all my Aussie friends have enjoyed a relaxing and fun Australia Day and for those on the other side of the world I hope you are not caught in snow storms!

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August 17, 2015

Hello Friends!  I know I haven’t been here much lately and I have been truly enjoying a life a little less online but today I just sat down at my computer and decided to type.  I have been going over in my mind how I can continue my blog without getting caught up in the craziness of it having to always be perfect, always be something more than what it really is.  This space is really my little corner where I share what I am up to in the present, something I love, something I relate to.  

When I first started my blog it was about life in general, the story of building a new house and what we were up to.  It then changed as i grew and new opportunities arose – it became all about my online store and my parties.  Things have changed again and now my life is back to being about my family and my photography.  My business changed from being about parties to being about photography.  It is not a huge business as I honestly don’t need to be working every day – I am very fulfilled looking after my beautiful children and husband and taking on the odd photography job here and there mainly for people I have met in my everyday life as well as teaching photography workshops when the demand is there.  

So now I am moving forward without a set goal for my blog, but I still love to share, who knows where it will lead and if anyone will visit – some days it will be showing the fun work jobs I have had, other days it will be a favourite snaps, a trip away or even some food.  I have been to a few amazing photography workshops lately as I love absorbing and being around likeminded people – it is just so wonderful – I share a few of these shots as well.  It will not be too wordy and some days there may be no words at all – but I will be here sharing.  

To start a snap from a recent school holiday walk with the girls from Bronte to Bondi – no doubt you will see more of these snaps in the coming months as I love looking back over them and remembering how much fun it is just to be out walking and living life in our amazing country.


Photography :: Leanne Ambrogio | Sweet Style