September 3, 2014

If you visited the blog last week you will have seen Indi’s 5th Birthday Celebration.  As with my signature style I kept everything simple with a few pops of colour and the backdrop I created for this party was no different.  

All you need is some of your favourite coloured wash tape and a pair of scissors.  The idea for this really came as I was decorating the bottles the day before the party.  

I wanted to add a little colour to the mini bottles and washi tape is always my favourite thing to use.  After finishing the little crosses on the bottles I thought it would add a little pop to the background by doing something similar.  I kept the colour the same and ended up with a simple washi tape backdrop for my table.


I also used the washi tape to stick on the favour bag tags – I stamped Indi’s name on to the tag and stuck them on glassine bags.IMG_3878_w

As well as a great way to hold your spoon on the mini pot and decorate the straw holder.indi002
Photography :: Leanne Ambrogio | Sweet Style

One thought on “Simple Back Drop Idea

  1. Oh my god! You’ve got so much great DIY ideas, definitely will come back for more, especially once gift season is upon us 🙂 And wonderful styling and photography! It’s easy to become obsessed with food like this… I’m really glad I found you on the SBB webinar 🙂

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