August 23, 2013

We celebrated another birthday in our house last weekend when my big girl Sienna turned 9!

No big fancy dessert table for this party as we took some of her lovely friends out to do some bowling on Sunday evening – nice and relaxed and easy.  We did however have a fun cake made by Cakes by Sharon and a very quick few photos (reluctantly may I say!) before we headed out!

Sharons cake was delicious – a vanilla mud cake with dark chocolate ganache – Yum!

Happy Birthday Sienna x

6 thoughts on “Sienna’s 9th Birthday

    1. I know – well so I am told by everyone who sees us! And I am just like my mum so obviously some strong genes there!

  1. Stunning girl that Sienna has grown up to be!

    I still recall teaching her from during her preschool days and she hasn’t changed a bit!

    Glad to see she still has some of that spunk still 😉

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