March 11, 2010

Today is our precious angel in heaven Laura’s seventh birthday.
Seems like just yesterday but then again it feels like a lifetime ago that she entered our life.
This morning as we were getting ready for school I said to the girls “Guess whose birthday it is today”. Sienna answered “I know it is Laura’s birthday”. Sofia says “which Laura (as we know a couple of Laura’s)” and Sienna answer “you know, Laura in heaven, our sister”. Sofia then says “oh mummy can we go to heaven and see her and have a party”. “No we can’t go to heaven to see her but we will go to her special place and take balloons and presents”.
I am so pleased that my girls see her as an important part of our family. Sienna will always include here in her drawings of the family and talks about her all the time.
I vividly remember the deep hole I was in just 7 short years ago after we lost Laura and I could not imagine how life would ever recover. I am so grateful that I was able to go on have 3 more beautiful and healthy girls who have made that recovery so so sweet. While we will never forget Laura life has gone on to be just wonderful and she will act as our reminder of just how wonderful life with our girls is.
Here are some photos of us this afternoon at “Laura’s Place” leaving special gifts and importantly smiling as we remember her.

5 thoughts on “Seven Today

  1. What a sweet post and what a sweet family. Happy birthday to your Laura. I’m sure she’s with you every day as you remember her and the love you had for her.

  2. I have come here from Sharnel Dollar’s blog, as I am garnering some event styling inspiration for my daughter Clementine’s christening and first birthday, I am in love with Sharnel’s blog and Amy Atlas and just saw your recent post of the lovely cupcakes on Sharnel’s blogroll sidebar, I came to your blog and thought this is beautiful blog too with so much to inspire me too with the party decorations then I was looking for the party tag then saw the tag about the stillbirth foundation…we are in Melbourne and Clementine is our “sunshine after rain” after our son Harry was born full term and died just before he was born in 2008, it’s inspirational seeing your blog and your gorgeous girls…Laura’s place is lovely..

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