March 8, 2010

Those of you who pass by my blog will know I love organization, tidiness, a calm clutter free zone. I seem to be craving this more and more as I get older. Today also seems to be a day were everywhere I look there are articles, magazines, blog posts about a de cluttering and simplifying life (more on the simplifying life part later in the week!). One particular article that caught my attention today was that about kids rooms and spaces and the number of toys that accumulate that they just don’t use. I know I have known this for a while as my kids always play with the same things – at the moment they are having a huge craft phase and while I hate picking up a million tiny pieces of paper off the floor it is so lovely so see them happy.
It is with this in mind that I am going to clear out the playroom this week and embrace the things they love – here is what I am going to create for them…

I do need to be a little mindful of two other things – one is the fact that I have lots of other kids visiting and I do not want their craft space to be a free for all as this will also do my head in but it does seem that every time the play room is tipped upside down with all the other toys it is when other kids are here – clear them out I say and set limits on craft activities when others are about.
Secondly I need to remember that little Indi has just started to become mobile so I will need to be careful about her access to small craft like things and not clear away all the things that may be of interest to her.
Will get back to you later on how it goes.

One thought on “Clutter

  1. what adorable girls you have, so beautiful!

    i love the lovely organized craft room, but
    my first thought was i could never keep it
    that way.

    we will plug along just fine until we throw
    a party or host Christmas, etc. then we
    start throwing things places to just get
    them out of the way….

    and then i am back where i started with a
    mess of an office and pantry. aaaaargh.

    probably should put myself in rehab. 🙂

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