June 22, 2011

Lots of great topics this week in the White Peach 30 Day Photography Challenge – it is so great to have an excuse to pick up my camera every day and take some fun photo’s.  So here we go with this weeks pics and a few explanations about where they were taken.

Sunrise from our bedroom balcony created the perfect silouhette for the pine tree that sits in our backyard. 

 Day 16’s picture was taken from the same bedroom balcony looking at the Sydney city late night skyline which we can glimpse in the distance!
 Hmm – technology – need I say more!
 My Favourite Shoes from Jigsaw
 A lovely orange marigold on our walk around the area last weekend.
 Backyard berries with the sun shining on them created some pretty bokeh in the background! (Loved this challenge and ended with lots of photos this day!)

Me in the kitchen splashback, using my iphone and instagram – look there is that pine tree again in the background!
I hope you have enjoyed this weeks photos – just one week left in the challenge.  If you would like to find out more drop in on the White Peach Photography Blog here.


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