June 23, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!
I am really excited today to show off the new additions to the family.  
Our shipment of beautiful cakes stands has finally arrived from the US safe and sound.
Lots of colours, sizes and designs to choose from so let me introduce you.
First up we have the beautiful Hobnail Range.  
The amber colour is available in three sizes 15cm, 22cm and 25cm

Pink and Crystal come in the two sizes 15cm and 25cm
They also have a matching compote (or footed vessel as they have become known!) in the pink and crystal
Next up we have the truly beautiful and classic Milk Glass Range.  I am delighted to announce that we are stocking four sizes in four colours – nobody else in Australia currently offers this.
While you may have seen the white, jade and pink a new colour just released has arrived – buttercream.
Sizes available are 15cm, 22cm, 25cm and 30cm
Finally the last addition is a lovely square glass cake stand by the name of Elisabeth.
She comes in Amber and Crystal.  Just one size of 25cm.
I hope you have enjoyed meeting the family – they are so lovely aren’t they!  Would love to know which one is your favourite?
Check out the website for all the details on prices and how to buy.
Alternatively, if you would prefer to pay by direct deposit just drop me an email and I will get back to you with bank account details.
Have a lovely weekend.


3 thoughts on “New Cake Stands in the Store

  1. Hello lovely- my gorgeous notebook paper bags arrived today from your shop….i adore them!!
    thank goodness i ordered two lots…
    i love them!!!

    thanks so much- and it was Royal Post who were slow on the delivery -not you…just wanted to let you know they were here and that we all think they are brilliant!

    melissa xx

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