August 16, 2013

If you are like me you are addicted to Instagram and while of late I have been so obsessed with sharing everything all the time it still is my favourite app of all time!  You will probably notice that my instagram images changed a little this year – sort of intentional but also because I hate just putting up any old image just so I can be posting photos.

Last year I did the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge – I was so thrilled with myself for taking and adding a photo every day for a year based on the daily prompts but this year I wanted to do it a little different and not be prompted by a word.

In January this year I did a workshop with Stephanie Somebody at The School (she is IG royalty as she has 126K followers OMG) and she talked about how when someone looks at your instagram home page they get a feel for you and in that instant they know whether they want to follow you or not.  This is so true as I have noticed I only follow people whose photos I love to see each day – photos that make me happy and inspired.

My instagram photos are all of my favourite images that portray me and there is a definite theme and style to my images.  The occasional sunset does pop in but for the most part they are light bright images that show how I see the world around me.  I very rarely put an instagram filter on my photos these days as I prefer to play around in another great photo app called afterlight – I play with colours and brightness in there and when I am happy I add it back to my photostream and post it on IG.

Oh yes and I do also have a Sweet Style Shop account now – I don’t use this so much as you need to log in and out of your different accounts to post there which gets a little annoying.  This account is all about products from my shop – new ones and favourites.

Please drop in and say hi on either one if you get a chance – my main account is under sweetstyle and the shop one is sweetstyleshop!  Here is a run down of my what I have been sharing on my sweetstyle account over the past few months.

Have a happy weekend everyone. xx

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