May 3, 2010

Recently I got to know Shelly – funnily enough we live on opposite sides of the world but through the wonderful power of blogging and email we probably know more about what we are up to than our friends do! (We have even added each other’s cities time zones to our iphones).
I first got to know a little about Shelly when I found her blog “A Bowl Full of Lemons”. Unfortunately in January she had to stop this lovely blog because of other commitments. The link to her blog was on my blog roll and I kept checking in regularly to make sure it wasn’t all a mistake and my blog roll was not updating. Then by chance Shelly left a comment on my blog last month and the friendship began.

Well I am pleased to say Shelly is back bloging with not just one blog but two! Shelly is a very talented writer and her blogs are wonderfully inspiring so please pop over and check her out. The first one is le happy and you can find it here and the second is Pas de deux which you can find here. Le Happy is all about happiness, healthy living and uplifting your spirit while Pas de deux talks about the wonderful pairings of food and drink. Not only does Shelly write beautifully, she has the perfect images to help you immerse yourself in her topic.
Please do pass by for some daily inspiration and say hi from me if you get a chance.

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