November 24, 2011

Another fun tag from Tanya at Life’s Little Celebrations who has asked me to join in and list the top 5 items on my Christmas Wish list.ย 
So here it is
1. A gorgeous secret tablet by Uberkate (can never have enough Uberkate)
2. A new camera bag and in particular this one by Kelly Moore which you can buy hereย at Camera Chick
3. Some lovely new Sambag wedges
4. A new lens for my camera – lusting after the Canon 100mm prime lens
5. A new display cabinet for all my beautiful cake stands to live in
So now I need to pass this on to some more blogging friends so we can see their wish listย 


8 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List

  1. Oh Leanne, I am struggling this year to think of a list. So I’ll put together one on the spot now…. hmmm, a 12 month subscription to Home Beautiful (as I keep on missing out and forgetting to buy them)… a gel seat for my bike, a basket for my bike (as long as it costs no more than the $49 bike).. and I am drooling over wrap watches at the moment… the ones that go around your wrists heaps of times and look so effortlessly cool.
    How’s that? Thank you for making me stop and think about it all. I am going to hand this list over to my boys! I think you seriously need a beautiful cake stand cabinet! Hope Santa brings you one. A-M xx

  2. Leanne – great picks and I hope you get at least one of wish-list items from Santa this year. Surprises are great but also nice to get something you really desire.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    x Deb

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