May 3, 2011

I love a birthday surprise and last week one arrived on my doorstep!  
My gorgeous friend Katena (see her blog here) sent me a wonderful present which is so perfectly me.
Katena ordered this lovely print from another lovely blogger, Simone from Honey and Fizz.
Simone is now producing and selling a range of beautiful prints which you can see here.
Isn’t the blog world fabulous – not only have I made a wonderful friend in Katena who is thoughtful and generous, but she has supported another blogging friend by ordering one of her prints – so lovely to spread the love around.
Thanks Katena and Simone


8 thoughts on “My New Print

  1. That’s so lovely!! And I love Katena’s blog! Actually I made a shirt for her recently. She found me through you! Love the blog sharing love! Hope you had a fabulous birthday Mrs A! x

  2. Love this print! Actually I love all the prints from Honey & Fizz and they really are a great gift! Just bought 2 today aswell actually! This print is definatly you! …. now you just need to figuer out where to hand it? I’m thinking your office? 🙂

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