August 3, 2010

My lovely friend Lou from Lou Boos and Shoes has given me the Super Comments Award – Lou is so cool and always writes so beautifully so it is lovely to receive this award from her – I am still secretly hoping that one day she will decide to move her entire family to Australia and live right next door.

Why do you blog?

When I started my blog we had just stared building our new house and I thought it would be a great place to document our build. I had just discovered the world of blogging and was really inspired by A-M and enjoyed watching her daily dramas while building a house so I thought I will do that. It did not take long however and I realized that I was not as creative as A-M in describing what was happening at my house each day so it sort of evolved into a mish mash of other things – my small little voice in the world. Recently however my blog has taken a turn and I have found something I have become really passionate about – party styling and dessert tables! My mind is now so ticking and it has ignited a need for me to start up a little business – somewhere where I can do a little more than just keep house – a place for me to be able to create pretty things – I am currently searching for the correct business name so please feel free to give me some suggestions!

What are your three best memories?

I have wonderful memories of so many fabulous holidays – the wonderful cooking course in Italy where I spent a week immersed in food and culture. The relaxing days in beautiful Bali. Family holidays on the north coast of New South Wales. Traveling the world for a year with my closest friend when we were 21. My first visit to Disneyland. A week exploring in New York City – so blessed to have many wonderful memories

My wedding day in September 2000 – it was just so perfect!

The moment I got to hold my children for the first time.

If changed your name what would it be?

I so don’t think my name is cool and I would love it to be something far more exotic. When I was younger I loved my best friend and her sisters name – they were Lisa and Michelle – not exotic but I thought they were more exciting than what I had! I do like nicknames or shortening names and my family call me Lan and some friends from long ago call me Lea which is nice!

Five things you couldn’t live without?
Long boots in winter and pretty sandals in summer
My lovely Mac computer
Mac Foundation
My beautiful family and friends
Long summer days (I know that is six but whose counting!)

Four best books?

I have never been a big book worm so this question is kind of easy but hard – I was always one to be out excercising or more lately doing craft. I have just had a look on my bookshelf and it is filled with Cookbooks, favourite magazines and a few motivational reads. I really enjoyed Eat Pray Love which I read will relaxing in Bali a few years ago and I admit that most of the books I read are usually trashy novels that are read while relaxing around a pool on holidays (and there have not been many of those lately!).

The books on my bookshelf that I refer to regularly are:-
Live Your Best Life by Domonique Bertolucci
Save our Sleep by Tizzie Hall
Any Donna Hay Cook Book
10 – 10 – 10 by Suzie Welch

A unique and interesting fact about yourself?

Still scratching my head on this one as I can’t think of anything particularly interesting or unique about myself!

What do you love best about yourself?

The fact that I am always (well 99%) organized so things don’t get on top of me and things can always be found in their correct home!!!

The best movie ever made?

I love a good chick flick but I also love a good dance movie – I could watch Grease or Dirty Dancing any day and there is a lot of Sound of Music happening in our house at the moment! Four Weddings and A Funeral always goes down as a favourite – actually anything with Hugh Grant in it is always lots of fun. Let just say I have no idea what the best movie ever made was but I love a fun uplifting happy ending type movie!

If It were Freaky Friday who would I change with?

I always wanted to be an actress when I was growing up so it would be great to switch with a cool and gorgeous actress for a day just to see if it as fun as what it seems!

Best thing about being a woman?

Wearing a dress. Pretty Lingerie. Make-up. Being in charge of the way our house runs! Being able to love Pink without being questioned! Pedicures, manicures and facials! The ability to bring a child into the world.

Now I need to pass this fun award on so here are a few cool Aussie girls I would love to know more about:-

Mira from Travelling Mama
Katena from Taylor Made Baking
Sharnel from My Life My Loves


9 thoughts on “More Comments

  1. Awww, thanks Leanne. And thank you for sharing of yourself again. Not quite sure what to do now though, I’m still new to this thing called blogging. Do I answer the questions and then pass the award on too? To how many people? I only have a total of 5 followers, I think…

  2. Hi Leanne, lovely post and just what I expected – lots of Leanne-esque answers! Gorgeous image of dresses – what would the world be without them? I wish I could come visit too…and get some tips on organisation!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? One day maybe… Lou x

  3. Oh thank you Mrs A, I will put together my response soon! I so agree with your party styling goals.. you have such a talent. It’s great to be doing what you passionately love. Go for it. A-M xx

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