August 24, 2012

Time to announce the winner of last weeks Friday Giveaway as well as share with you a little DIY courtesy of Bianca from Blush Loves Mint

Congratulations to 
Please email me to claim your prize of the gorgeous Tassel Garland by Blush Loves Mint

Today Bianca has also put together for us some cute little mini cakes with an adorable DIY hand made candle on top.  Here is how she put these little cuties together.
Cake Mix and Cans
1. Remove paper from an empty can and make sure it is super clean on the inside. For this one I used whole tomato cans.
2. Line the inside of the can with baking paper, trace the bottom circle of the can and cut out the circle. You will then need an extra piece to line in entire inside of the can.
3. Preheat and follow your cake mix instructions.
4. Only fill the can half way or you will have an explosion of cake. ( yes i learnt this the hard way )
5. Once cakes are baked leave to cool for about 10 minutes in the cans, then take them out and cut them into as little or as many layers as you would like.
6. When layers are cut and cake has cooled you can fill the cakes with whatever filling you want. For these ones i made chocolate chip mousse with a little pink colouring. Then i decided the mousse wasnt enough on the inside i wanted to cover the whole cakes with the mousse, i didnt want to waste any of it!
I think this DIY is rather simple and easy to do in whatever way you would like to make it your own.
It a great idea for a party as everyone or every child can have their own personalised cakes!
Paper Straw Candles
To make these wonderful candles i used one paper straw in pink but you can use any colour , just cut it in half.
For the flame i used a pale yellow tissue paper that was a roughly a 15cm square that i rolled up and stuck into the top of the straw.
Now you dont need glue but you can use it , once tissue paper is in straw simple fluff it to get the effect of a flame.
I think they are a great idea especially for kids birthdays as they cant possible hurt themselves.

About Bianca ….
Bianca is the owner of online store Blush Loves Mint where she specialises in handmade paper decorations that are the perfect addition to any party, wedding or just to pretty up your home.  You can find her website here or visit her on facebook here


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