July 19, 2012

I am back from a lovely and relaxing break with the family – it all went far too fast and I am certainly longing for those lovely warm Fiji rays of sunshine – ‘sigh’.  Today I am continuing with my series about the lovely girls who took party in the Oh Sweet Mum e-vent with me.

We are catching up with the talented Jhoanee from It’s a Cake Thing (by Jhoanee).  Jho produced the amazing macaroons for the shoot – there must have been at least 200-300 of these precious little babies on the day and of course that meant after the shot was done I got to sample them – lots of them!!!! 
Jho is sharing with us today a little more about herself and how to create the perfect macaroon.
Can you tell us a little more about your business
Its A Cake Thing stemmed from the encouragement and support of family and friends after I did my daughter’s first birthday cake.  It’s been an ongoing learning experience.  I know I have come a long way from when I started and I only have to look back through pictures of my earlier cakes to see the difference.  I’ve also met more than a few people in the cake industry who have been so helpful and encouraging.  They have been a constant source of inspiration and they make me to strive to do better.  
Tell us about your family
Without my husband, Sherwin, of course this little business wouldn’t keep going.  He’s been my pillar of strength all throughout this journey.   My three young children, Joshua (7), Samantha (5) and Zachary (2) and another one to come, just completes everything.  They are my biggest inspiration and my biggest critics as well.  They have an unconditional, untainted vision and their honesty when critiquing just makes me see and look at my creations with a different perspective.  More often than not, their comments just make my husband and I laugh a little.  But they do make me improve on what I’ve created especially when it comes to figurines that they seem to be experts on.
Top Tips for Making the Perfect Macaroon
Macarons.  They seem to be the trend nowadays.  I’m certainly no expert in the field but I’m happy that I am able to offer them to customers.  I do get asked often and get very lovely comments as how my macarons look.   Part of it, I think, is just how I photograph it.  They’re not all perfect. 
It’s taken (and still is) a lot of reading on how-to’s to achieve the “perfect” macaron.  I don’t think I have reached that yet.  All I know is that what I’ve been doing is what works for me.  It’s all a combination of taking a recipe and adding or subtracting a technique here and there.  The most important thing that I’ve found that will make or break in achieving a good macaron is getting the macronage right.  You can read endlessly on what macronage is and what it’s meant to look like but it comes down to knowing for yourself what  the right consistency is.  Other factors also come in to play, from recipes to oven temps and to what I fondly refer to as the “macaron gods”.  This is when more times than you can count, even though you follow the same exact protocol, which obviously has worked for you in many occasions, the macaron end results just fail.  And you don’t know why.  So overall really, it all just comes down to experience.

If you would like to contact Jho you can find her via her website www.itsacakething.com.au or on her Facebook page here.

Images, styling and cake stands: Sweet Style


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  1. I agree with the first poster. So many people get macarOn and macarOOn confused :S

    Anyway, the macarons look so vibrant and perfect looking!!! Thanks for sharing! <3

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